Boss of Oxford University Attacks Safe Spaces and ‘Cossetted’ Students 

The most senior academic at Oxford University has attacked the institution’s “safe space” culture.Professor Louise Richardson, the university’s Vice-Chancellor, said that “cossetted” students need to learn to face up to political views which might differ from their own.Richardson, an expert on terrorism, blamed indulgent parents and the echo chamber of social media for acclimatizing students to an atmosphere where they always get their way.Her comments emerged in a recent interview with the Irish Times,  where she also spoke disapprovingly of the “no-platforming” movement to ban controversial speakers from campus.She said: “It may be that middle-class children have been too cosseted by their professional parents… and it may be in part accentuated in social media where we tend to operate within an echo chamber of like-minded people.”Her intervention comes as another high-profile university head took the opposite stance.

Source: Boss of Oxford University Attacks Safe Spaces and ‘Cossetted’ Students | Heat Street

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