Danish brewery ‘beercycling’ urine to make novelty beer 

A Danish brewery is drawing on 50,000 litres of urine collected from the largest music festival in Northern Europe in producing a novelty beer aimed at the more adventurous drinker.The beer named “Pisner” — wordplay combining pilsner with local slang for urine — contains no human waste, but is produced from fields of malting barley fertilized with human urine rather than traditional animal manure or factory-made plant nutrients.Study finds average pool has up to 75 litres of urineBeer prices have sports fans’ heads spinning”When the news that we had started brewing the Pisner came out, a lot of people thought we were filtering the urine to put it directly in the beer, and we had a good laugh about that,” said Henrik Vang, chief executive of brewer Norrebro Bryghus.

Source: Danish brewery ‘beercycling’ urine to make novelty beer – Technology & Science – CBC News

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