Neuroscience has something to say against “living in the present”! – Skit Hub

We all have heard of various self-help books, motivational lectures, and gurus and they all share a common thought:Live in the present. If you are not, you are probably wasting your time and energy. While it sounds quite beneficial keeping in mind the life we life, neuroscience has a different take on it.Dean Buonomano, a behavioral neuroscience professor at UCLA and author of the recently-published Your Brain is a Time Machine, says that the human brain is an inherently temporal organ. “Not only does it tell the time, it also allows us to mentally project ourselves into the past and the future,” he says.To a certain extent, all animals have a basic ability to predict and prepare for the future. Even worms have circadian rhythms and so instinctively know when it’s daylight and when predatory birds are more likely to be around. But humans have a far more sophisticated ability to conceive of the future—to “sculpt and create futures that we imagine,” says Buonomano.“What’s fairly unique about humans is this aspect of mentally projecting ourselves into the past or the future—the degree to which humans can engage in what we call mental time travel,” he explains.

Source: Neuroscience has something to say against “living in the present”! – Skit Hub

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