Aragog – The Mexican Cocktail Made with Tarantula Venom 

Named in honor of the giant spider from the Harry Potter books, Aragog is an unusual cocktail made with a drop of tarantula venom, which numbs the tongue, tickles your lips and causes a sensation “between tingling and cramping” in the throat.Aragog was created two years ago, by Romeo Palomares, chief mixologist at the Luciferina Bar, in Mexico City, after being challenged by his boss to come up with a cocktail that would impress patrons. The popular Day of the Dead was approaching, and the famous witchcraft market of Sonora was in full swing, so he decided that it was the best place to look for a special ingredient.Share PinPhoto: The BarWhile browsing the unusual wares of Sonora, Romeo recalls being drawn to the stall of a female vendor, who he asked about an interesting ingredient that he could add to a cocktail for an extra kick. She pulled out a dose of tarantula venom and encouraged him to try it, assuring him that it wasn’t enough strong enough to cause serious health problems.Palomares was afraid to taste the venom at first, but his curiosity got the better of him in the end, so he took a sip. In an interview with Infobae, he describes the taste as “acidic, salty, special, like oysters”, but with mild side-effects. Within seconds, his tongue went numb, and he began to feel tingling and inflammation around his mouth. “My mouth felt like I had just been to the dentist,” he said. It was just what he was looking for!

Source: Aragog – The Mexican Cocktail Made with Tarantula Venom | Oddity Central – Collecting Oddities

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