Dogs Are Being Forced To Pull Carts Full Of People – The Dodo

In a disturbing video, a tiny dog lies flat on the ground as a man hits him with a whip. The dog can’t get away — he’s tethered to a cart, which the man is trying to ride. But when the dog stops moving — probably out of sheer exhaustion — the man beats him harder.While the man in the video seemed to be using the small dog to pull a personal cart, people in China are now using dogs to pull rickshaws — two-wheeled hooded vehicles used to transport people, according to animal welfare advocates.“The latest gimmick is to use them as taxis or dog cars, as they’re called,” Michele Brown, founder of Fight Dog Meat, an organization that campaigns against the dog meat trade in Asia, told The Dodo. “When something becomes a fad in China, it can quickly sweep across the country. It’s the same as the rickshaws with the people riding bicycles — they just happen to use dogs now.”

Source: Dogs Are Being Forced To Pull Carts Full Of People – The Dodo

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