Feminist Emma Watson Accepts ‘Genderless Award’ from ‘Non-Binary’ Actress….NONSENSE! 

Well folks, it is now 2017, and we have not only put men in the women’s restrooms, but we also have people are claiming to be “non-binary” which basically means they are so confused with life that they do not even remember whether they are male or female. Thanks Obama.Actress, and proclaimed feminist, Emma Watson is front and center in this movement and all of the nonsense that ensues. She accepted the first ever “genderless” MTV award…whatever that means. The person who presented this award to her was Orange is the New Black’s actress Asia Kate Dillon.I find it interested that Dillon is still referred to as an “actress” since she claims to be “non-binary.” Just give it time though. I am sure they will come up with a term for the “genderless” actresses and actors. If you ask me, they need to see a doctor because they are obviously working through some serious psychological issues.

Source: Feminist Emma Watson Accepts ‘Genderless Award’ from ‘Non-Binary’ Actress….NONSENSE! – Godfather Politics

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