A redefinition of mental illness as “law-integration disorder”, and the case for universal basic income

The inability for a brain to integrate with a legal system has falsely been defined as mental disorder, when the symptoms that are observed are in fact caused by an inability to integrate the executive (ego) function with a legal system that exerts a physical force onto the subject.What has been called mental disorder is then, in fact, “law-integration disorders”. The inability to integrate the default mode network with an external legal force, causes attenuation of the brain’s executive (ego) function, making it difficult for the individual to filter and integrate new information. The onset of “law-integration disorder” then acts as a pathological infection, decreasing the  brain’s ability to regulate inflow of memes, leading to secondary infections, made possible by the primary infection.Secondary infections that become infectious after the onset of “law-integration disorder” are memes that are devious, entering under false pretenses, planted through manipulation, memes that replicate virulently, often bypassing the executive function, memes that cause an indolent infection, to become virulent later.“Law-integration disorders” and the case for basic incomeIf “law-integration disorder” causes what we call mental disorder, then that creates an ethical paradox. Society, and the people who secure and give authority to the nation-state consensus, is directly responsible for the cause of primary infections and the onset of law-integration disorder. Similar to how HIV causes AIDS, the action of breaking another person’s executive system is the root cause of secondary memetic infections, and what is broadly called mental illness.

Source: A redefinition of mental illness as “law-integration disorder”, and the case for universal basic income

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