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Gov’t Gives Ducklings Little Ramps So They Can Climb Into Reflecting Pool 

Architect of the CapitolThanks to the addition of a pair of duck ramps, newly hatched ducklings can now join their parents who’ve taken up residence in the Capitol Reflecting Pool, on the National Mall. The ramps were designed by the Architect of the Capitol (AOC), in partnership with the nonprofit City Wildlife, to help the feathered babies get up and over a wall that’s too high for them to jump.”The broad gently sloped limestone coping of the pool, however, has an unintended side effect for our feathered friends,” the AOC’s Erin Courtney said in a release. “Some ducklings have trouble climbing out of the pool or returning to it once out of the water.”

Source: Gov’t Gives Ducklings Little Ramps So They Can Climb Into Reflecting Pool – The Dodo

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The UK nuclear subs also run Windows XP. Vulnerable to ransomware?

Britain’s hospitals have been brought to a standstill because of ransomware infecting obsolete and unpatched Windows XP systems. The same obsolete operating system is powering Britain’s nuclear weapons arsenal. Is it prudent to ask if the British nuclear weapons submarines have been patched against this ransomware, or even hit by it?As reported in January of last year, Britain’s nuclear submarines still run Windows XP. This is the outdated Microsoft operating system that was vulnerable to ransomware, and which is the reason that practically Britain’s entire healthcare is currently nonfunctional and at a standstill: they ran Windows XP, they did not upgrade, and they did not patch.(A security patch for this vulnerability has been out since March. Getting hit in May is therefore inexcusable.)I would argue that hospitals and nuclear weapons platforms are both “mission critical” for a government. It can be safely argued that one is more dangerous than the other, but in terms of how important to society it is to upgrade them and keep them current, they are playing in roughly the same division.

Source: The UK nuclear subs also run Windows XP. Vulnerable to ransomware?

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Turdly? Stoner Blue? Stanky Bean? Never let an AI name colors 

Artificial intelligence can do amazing things, but never let it mix and name new paint colors.Not that you were going to do that. Research scientist Janelle Shane, on the other hand, decided to go for it. She gave a neural network a list of about 7,700 Sherwin-Williams paint colors, along with their red, green and blue color values.”Could the neural network learn to invent new paint colors and give them attractive names?” Shane asked on her site.The answer is a big fat “don’t bet your not-so-artificial-life on it.” The AI could make colors, all right, but at least at first, they were weird melds of the grayish-green you’d use to paint your walls only if there was literally no other color on Earth available, or you really, really wanted to live feeling like you were surrounded by mold.The names, though, were where the AI really fell off the cliff. It began with randomness such as “Saae Ble,” and then progressed to Klingon-looking nonsense like “Rererete Green” and “Gorlpateehecd.” But when it finally advanced to what Shane admitted was “about as well-trained as it’s going to be,” it was still inventing names that sounded more like losing Scrabble hands, or The Onion’s parody of a box of Crayolas.

Source: Turdly? Stoner Blue? Stanky Bean? Never let an AI name colors – CNET

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Parents Kill Baby With Gluten-Free Diet, Will Now Face Charges

The parents of a seven-month-old baby, who died after being fed only an alternative gluten-free diet, are standing trial this week on charges that they intentionally malnourished their child.

When baby Lucas passed away in 2014, he weighed less than 10 pounds and an autopsy showed that his stomach was completely empty.

The child’s parents, who own a health food shop in Belgium, fed their son corn milk, rice milk, oat milk, quinoa milk and buckwheat milk.

They reportedly thought he was gluten and lactose intolerant, despite the fact that no doctor ever diagnosed him as such.

“We never went with Lucas to a doctor because we never noticed anything unusual,” the baby’s father reportedly said during the initial court proceedings on Tuesday.

When the baby became violently ill, they took him to a homeopathic medicine specialist, who instructed them to get the child to a hospital immediately.

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