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Pedometer for Calorie Conscious Hamster Owners 

The Arduino has inspired many a creative projects that can be beneficial to humanity. The Arduino Hamster Wheel Pedometer by [John Mueller] on the other hand is a creation that is meant for the cute furry rodent pets. When [John Mueller]’s daughter wanted to keep track of her hamster’s night-time strolls, her maker-dad saw it as an opportunity to get her involved in technology. The project consists of a hamster-wheel with a magnet that triggers a reed switch on completing a revolution. The entire assembly is custom-made and [John Mueller] does an excellent job documenting the build with a lot of clear images.The wheel is affixed to a shaft with a ball bearing at one end and the entire thing is mounted on the side of the cage so that it can be removed with ease for maintenance. The reed switch is embedded in the wooden mounting block such that the connecting cables pass from inside the assembly. This prevents the hamster from coming in contact with the cabling or damaging it in any way. An LCD and the Arduino Uno are placed outside the cage and are used to display the revolutions of the wheel as well as the equivalent miles travelled.

Source: Pedometer for Calorie Conscious Hamster Owners | Hackaday

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This Harvard grad submitted a rap album for his thesis — and totally aced it 

Obasi Shaw just became the first student ever to submit a rap album as a senior thesis in Harvard’s English department.”I was definitely very shocked that they accepted it,” the 20-year-old from the Atlanta suburb of Stone Mountain, Ga., told As It Happens host Carol Off. “I expected that I would not get it and I would write a normal thesis and life would go on.”Not only did Shaw find an adviser who was on board with his idea, but the album — called Liminal Minds — has earned him the equivalent of an A-minus grade, guaranteeing he will graduate with honours this week.’If I want to honour the black community that I’m writing about, I want to use their medium — our medium.’

Source: This Harvard grad submitted a rap album for his thesis — and totally aced it – Home | As It Happens | CBC Radio

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Make a Kaleidoscope: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

In this project I will show you how to make a teleidoscope, which is basically a special type of kaleidoscope with a lens on the end. For those who want a more traditional kaleidoscope in their lives, you can easily modify it to become one by replacing the lens with a clear plastic container. The kaleidoscope body is made out of 1.5″ aluminum tube. Throughout this project I’m going on the assumption you understand how to do some basic metalworking. However, for more in-depth instructions on how to modify the aluminum tube for this project, please take the Metalworking Class.

Source: Make a Kaleidoscope: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

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