How to Transport Cats by Plane (with Pictures) 

Air travel is not recommended for pets, unless it is absolutely necessary. In fact, air travel can be hazardous for animals with “pushed in” faces, such as bulldogs, pugs and Persian cats as they may have breathing issues when flying due to their limited airways and stress.[1] But if you are moving to a new country and need to take your cat with you, you may have no choice but to transport him on a plane. There are many horror stories associated with transporting cats on an airplane[2], but with the right preparation, your feline friend can arrive to his new home safe and sound.Method1Transporting Your Cat in the Cabin1Talk to the airline about transporting your cat in the cabin. Contact the airline you are planning to fly with to check if you can transport your cat in the airport cabin in carrier under the seat in front of you. Avoid transporting your cat in the cargo or luggage hold if possible. [3]Most airlines will allow you to take your cat on the plane in the cabin area for a small fee. Try to call the airline well in advance of your flight, as there is a limited number of animals allowed in the cabin during a flight.

Source: How to Transport Cats by Plane (with Pictures) – wikiHow

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