Motorcycle Gang Busted for Hacking and Stealing Over 150 Jeep Wranglers

The FBI has arrested members of a motorcycle gang accused to have hacked and stolen over 150 Jeep Wranglers from Southern California, which they later crossed the border into Mexico to have stripped down for parts.Authorities unsealed an indictment yesterday in a press conference held in San Diego. According to details included in the indictment and an attached search warrant, the gang — named Hooligans Motorcycle Club and based in Tijuana, Mexico — combined old school and modern hacking tactics to carry out the thefts undetected.Hooligans Motorcycle Gang’s “Dirty 30” behind the theftsGang members that allegedly participate in these thefts had a very precise role and were part of a Hooligans Motorcycle Gang sub-unit called Dirty 30. All thefts followed the same model.According to court documents, gang members organized themselves into various theft crews, and in each crew, members had different roles such as leader, thief, transporter, scout, or key cutter.All thefts started with a scouting phase where gang members with the role of scout drove around South California to identify motorcycles and Jeep Wrangler models they wanted to steal.While the theft of motorcycles didn’t involve a key, with crooks bypassing the ignition switch, the theft of Jeep Wranglers was far more complex and involved quite a lot of high-tech gadgetry.

Source: Motorcycle Gang Busted for Hacking and Stealing Over 150 Jeep Wranglers

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