What could possibly go wrong?: Photos of children riding alligators

 Like it says in the title, “What could possible go wrong?” A lot of these vintage images are from the Los Angeles Alligator Farm located in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. The singularly stupid tourist attraction was opened in 1907. In 1953 the attraction moved to Buena Park, California where it was renamed the California Alligator Farm. The farm closed its doors in 1984 due to poor attendance. I’m shocked it was allowed to go on that long, quite honestly.According to Wikipedia (and I truly hope this is true) the alligators were moved to a private estate in Florida where we can presume no one tried to ride them… (The word about the gators had probably gotten out by then, you’d think.)

Source: What could possibly go wrong?: Photos of children riding alligators | Dangerous Minds

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