Denuvo allegedly protected its own anti-piracy software with pirated anti-piracy software

Even though it seems to have been getting cracked left and right recently, Denuvo anti-piracy software has been a thorn in the side of software pirates since it was first introduced. However, in a bizarre and ironic twist, Denuvo Software Solutions is now being accused of piracy.Update (Jun 6): We’ve been alerted of an update on this story. In short, Denuvo and VMProtect have either solved their differences or there were no differences in the first place. A short blog post on VMProtect’s website reads today: “Referring to this circumstance we want to clarify that DENUVO GmbH had the right to use our software in the past and has the right to use it currently as well as in the future.”Clearly Denuvo is no gamer’s favorite company — though in all fairness, they’re barely to blame for creating anti-piracy technology, while it’s more game publishers’ fault for utilizing it at the expense of troubling paying customers. Anyhow, this statement from VMProtect should put this topic to rest.

Source: Denuvo allegedly protected its own anti-piracy software with pirated anti-piracy software – TechSpot

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