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British Police Threaten To Jail People Who Cause ‘Offence’ On Social Media

A British police force has been widely criticized for threatening to jail people whose social media posts cause people to “take offense”.In a post of its own on Facebook, Cheshire Constabulary said that “a large fine or up to two years in prison” could follow whatever is perceived to be a controversial message on the site.Their post prompted fury from ordinary users, who objected to the apparently heavy-handed attempts by officers to regulate what they were saying.The full message said:We would remind all social media users to think carefully about what they are saying before posting messages online. Although you may believe your message is acceptable, other people may take offense, and you could face a large fine or up to two years in prison if your message is deemed to have broken the law.

Source: British Police Threaten To Jail People Who Cause ‘Offence’ On Social Media | Heat Street

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Putin: ‘I am not a woman, so I don’t have bad days’

Russian President Vladimir Putin is always at his best, he tells director Oliver Stone in a new documentary called “The Putin Interviews” that will air on Showtime June 12-15. The politician attributes his stamina and stability in part to the fact that he’s a man.As Bloomberg reports, “‘I am not a woman, so I don’t have bad days,’ he tells Stone while giving a tour of the Kremlin’s gilded throne room. ‘I am not trying to insult anyone. That’s just the nature of things. There are certain natural cycles.'”Later in the interview for the documentary, which Bloomberg describes as friendly bordering on fawning, Putin reminds Stone that he is a “Judo master” in peak physical shape.

Source: Putin: ‘I am not a woman, so I don’t have bad days’

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Michael Moore launches ‘Trumpileaks’ website for whistleblowers

Michael Moore is starting a new secure website called “Trumpileaks” for whistleblowers to share information from the Trump administration.The website, which features encrypted messaging apps like Signal and Peerio, offers instructions to leakers for sending information digitally or through the mail.Moore wrote in a letter on the site that it is a “patriotic duty” to leak information coming out of the White House.”From the time you opened this letter to the time you get to the bottom of it, there’s a decent chance that our President will have violated the constitution, obstructed justice, lied to the American people, encouraged or supported acts of violence, or committed some horrible mistake that would’ve ended any other politician’s career (or sent you or I to jail). And just like all the times he’s done so in the past, he will get away with it,” Moore wrote. Moore’s website comes one day after a government contractor was charged with leaking classified information to a news outlet. Reality Leigh Winner reportedly sent a top-secret National Security Agency document to The Intercept that alleged Russian military intelligence launched a 2016 cyberattack on a voting software company.

Source: Michael Moore launches ‘Trumpileaks’ website for whistleblowers | TheHill

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Pizza oven affected Montreal air quality readings, report says 

Montrealers can breathe a sigh of relief to learn their air is less polluted than previously thought — due in part to a pizza oven that was skewing air quality readings.An environmental report released this week shows the number of days with poor air quality plunged last year, right after the city closed a sampling station that was next to a pizzeria with a wood-burning oven.The city registered 29 days of bad quality air in 2016, compared to 64 the year prior.The annual report by Montreal’s air quality surveillance network estimates that smoke from the pizzeria was responsible for half or more of the station’s poor air quality readings every year since 2013.In 2015, for example, the report found 34 of the 42 days where poor quality air was recorded at that location were actually due to the restaurant.

Source: Pizza oven affected Montreal air quality readings, report says | Toronto Star

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Police are getting a lot of use out of cell phone extraction tech

Mobile phone forensic extraction devices have been a law enforcement tool for years now, and the number of agencies using them is only rising. As part of an ongoing investigation, we have finally been able to turn up some usage logs of this equipment, from Tulsa Police Department, and Tucson Police Department. While the logs do not list the cause of the crime or any other notes about why the phone was being searched, it does list the make of the phone, the date, and the type of extraction.As an aside, there are three types of extraction – physical extraction, when the phone is connected via USB cable to the extraction device and its contents downloaded as copies of the phone’s files. A logical extraction is done using the phone’s corresponding API. A file system extraction is more or less a physical extraction that uses what is called the synchronization interface of a phone to access the phone’s memory system. This is a way to access deleted and hidden data.First, let’s go over what extraction devices are being used here. Tucson PD opted for the brand that is arguably the worldwide leader in mobile device forensics, the Israeli company Cellebrite.

Source: Police are getting a lot of use out of cell phone extraction tech

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SpaceX will launch secretive X-37B spaceplane’s next mission 

SpaceX will launch the Air Force’s X-37B experimental spaceplane later this year, in the military’s latest vote of confidence in the Elon Musk-led space company.

Source: SpaceX will launch secretive X-37B spaceplane’s next mission – LA Times

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