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Swedish school pumps up volume to ease toilet trauma 

Rather than forcing kids to suffer the embarrassment of composing their own wind sections in the toilets at schools, one solution proposed in northern Europe is to pipe in sweet music to drown out any anal-based arias.Swedish local councillor Cecilia Cato, based in the town of Tingsryd, devised the plan amid concern that some children were getting themselves in a bind over noises caused by escaping gases.“I don’t think it’s just about number two on the toilet, but many also don’t do number one,” Cato told The Local. “I’ve worked in the world of education for any years and know through the students that this is a problem.”She said this was a problem for both primary and high school kids. “I myself experienced this when I was young and now that it’s being talked about, others confirm that they did too.”According to Swedish national broadcaster SVT, students claimed the introduction of music would help to spare their blushes and make them more environmentally friendly as some previously ran taps to disguise the sounds.

Source: Swedish school pumps up volume to ease toilet trauma • The Register

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Forget Terrorism: The Real Reason Behind the Qatar Crisis Is Natural Gas

According to the official narrative, the reason for the latest Gulf crisis in which a coalition of Saudi-led states cut off diplomatic and economic ties with Qatar, is because – to everyone’s “stunned amazement” – Qatar was funding terrorists, and after Trump’s recent visit to Saudi Arabia in which he urged a crackdown on financial support of terrorism, and also following the FT’s report that Qatar has directly provided $1 billion in funding to Iran and al-Qaeda spinoffs, Saudi Arabia finally had had enough of its “rogue” neighbor, which in recent years had made ideologically unacceptable overtures toward both Shia Iran and Russia.However, as often happens, the official narrative is traditionally a convenient smokescreen from the real underlying tensions.We’re revolutionizing the news industry, but we need your help! Click here to get started.The real reason behind the diplomatic fallout may be far simpler, and once again has to do with a long-running and controversial topic, namely Qatar’s regional natural gas dominance.Recall that many have speculated (with evidence going back as far back as 2012) that one of the reasons for the long-running Syria proxy war was nothing more complex than competing gas pipelines, with Qatar eager to pass its own pipeline, connecting Europe to its vast natural gas deposits, however as that would put Gazprom’s monopoly of European LNG supply in jeopardy, Russia had been firmly, and violently, against this strategy from the beginning and explains Putin’s firm support of the Assad regime and the Kremlin’s desire to prevent the replacement of the Syrian government with a puppet regime.

Source: Forget Terrorism: The Real Reason Behind the Qatar Crisis Is Natural Gas

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The Thin Line Between ‘Feminist’ And ‘Misogynist’ | The Federalist Papers

Source: The Thin Line Between ‘Feminist’ And ‘Misogynist’ | The Federalist Papers

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Is there structural racism on the internet?

The racial inequalities afflicting Americans and our society today are in many ways a result of the result of spatial segregation. White people and nonwhite people tend to live in different neighborhoods, go to different schools and have dramatically different economic opportunities based on their race. That physical manifestation of structural racism has been true historically in this country, and is still the case today.Today’s internet is built on a similar spatial logic. People travel from website to website in search of content in the same way they travel from neighborhood to neighborhood looking for stuff to do and people to hang out with. Websites accrue and compound value as visitor traffic and site visibility increases.But there is a crucial difference: Internet users have – more or less – complete freedom to travel where they choose. Websites can’t see the color of a user’s skin and police incoming traffic in the same way human beings can and do in geographical spaces. Therefore, it’s easy to imagine that the internet’s very structure – the social environments it produces and the new economies it births – might not be racially segregated the way the physical world is.

Source: Is there structural racism on the internet?

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Girl Jumps Off Bridge Onto Cement While Playing ‘The Floor Is Lava’

Photo: FacebookNow there’s someone who is super serious about this childhood game.Last week we told you folks about two pals who play “The Floor is Lava” in public, and of course it’s a barrel of laughs. But that’s mainly because they are jumping into paper rolls and trash cans and not jumping over a bridge like the gal below in the video did for some reason.Now this childhood game is making a comeback as plenty of folks on the internet are trying to one-up each other. Well let’s just say that is going to be tough to top this girl who decided the best way to avoid the “lava” was to jump over a bridge. Now to be fair her intention was to hang off the handrail and not fall over. But still, not very smart.

Source: Girl Jumps Off Bridge Onto Cement While Playing ‘The Floor Is Lava’

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Antisocial Woman Pretends to Be Blind for 28 Years So She Wouldn’t Have to Greet People

28 years ago, Carmen Jiménez, from Madrid, Spain, became completely blind due to a serious eye injury. At least that’s what she told everyone, including her own family, because she was tired of having to say “hello” to people she didn’t actually want to greet.The 57-year-old woman recently revealed that she had always been able to see perfectly, which left her family in shock, even though they had always suspected that something was of about her condition. Her husband told reporters that she would put on her makeup perfectly, and sometimes they would see her trying to look at the TV from the corner of her eyes. But she never admitted to faking her blindness, until recentlyShare PinPhoto: Hay NoticiaBut what on Earth would poses anyone to fake blindness for nearly three decades? Carmen apparently did it to avoid having to greet and talk to people she didn’t actually like. “I was tired of meeting people on the street and stopping to say hello, I’ve never been very social person, and by pretending to be blind I was able to avoid many social responsibilities,” she said, according to Hay Noticia.Apart from having to explain to her family why she lied to them for so many years, and meeting the very people she was trying so hard to avoid, Carmen Jiménez is also facing legal problems, because having registered as a blind person, she has received special financial aid.

Source: Antisocial Woman Pretends to Be Blind for 28 Years So She Wouldn’t Have to Greet People | Oddity Central – Collecting Oddities

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The emergence of the ‘pornosexual’: internet users who shun sex with real people

A phenomenon dubbed “pornosexuality” has emerged where people prefer online porn to sex with real people, it has been claimed.The term describes someone whose “sexual orientation is linked solely to porn”, according to Medical Daily.One self-identified pornosexual quoted by the website said: “If I had to choose to have one or the other for the rest of my life, I would choose porn over real sex any day.”The availability of free, amateur porn online and the anonymity it offers is identified by Medical Daily as a factor behind the rise in the phenomenon.In 1991, there were fewer than 90 porn magazines in the US, according to Medical Daily, compared to millions of websites today. Pornosexuality is said to be particularly common among young people as they have had access to the internet since puberty and porn is therefore more likely to have been formative in their sexual development.

Source: The emergence of the ‘pornosexual’: internet users who shun sex with real people

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Lake Erie inches away from hitting record-high water level 

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Lake Erie’s water levels are the highest they’ve been since 1998, and will remain 4 to 9 inches above normal through November. The latest reading measured just 7.32 inches below the all-time record high set in 1986. Within the next week, the level could increase to just 6 inches below that record.The high water is due to the recent heavy rain and months of snow melt surging into the lake. In May, Lake Erie received 150 percent of its typical rainfall, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Some locals have complained about the rising tides along beaches and piers, but no physical damage has been reported along the Erie coastline.The rest of the Great Lakes are also higher than normal.

Source: Lake Erie inches away from hitting record-high water level | cleveland.com

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Pakistan sentences man to death for blasphemy on Facebook 

Pakistani man has been sentenced to death for making a derogatory remark about the Prophet Mohammad in a Facebook post.

A counter-terrorism court has sentenced Taimoor Raza, 30, to be executed after finding him guilty of committing blasphemy online.

It is the first time anybody has been handed the death penalty for blaspheming on social media and follows a high-profile crackdown by the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Blasphemy is a highly sensitive topic in Muslim-majority Pakistan, where insulting the Prophet Mohammad is a capital crime for which dozens are sitting on death row.

Under Pakistan’s harsh laws, anyone accused of insulting God, Islam or other religious personalities can be sentenced to death.

Pakistan last year arrested 15 people, 10 Muslims and five non-Muslims, on blasphemy charges, according to a report issued by the independent rights group Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

Source: Pakistan sentences man to death for blasphemy on Facebook | Daily Mail Online

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Feinstein: Congress should probe whether Lynch provided cover for Clinton

Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Sunday said Congress should look into former FBI Director James Comey’s revelation that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch asked him to downplay the nature of his investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, Comey said Lynch had asked him to refer to the probe as a “matter” rather than an investigation, an exchange that he said made him feel queasy.

Asked whether Lynch was providing cover for Clinton, Feinstein said she couldn’t answer.

“I would have a queasy feeling too, though, to be candid with you,” she said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “I think we need to know more about that, and there’s only one way to know about it, and that’s to have the Judiciary Committee take a look at that.”

Source: Feinstein: Congress should probe whether Lynch provided cover for Clinton – POLITICO

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The Three Step Strategy For Defending Your Computer Against Ransomware

What is the optimal strategy to address the ransomware threat? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.Answer by John Kuhn, Manager, IBM X-Force Services, Senior Threat Researcher, on Quora:When it comes to ransomware, the key to protecting yourself lies in three very important pillars of cybersecurity: preparation, prevention, and practice. Without diligent attention and effort put into all three of these, you may find yourself being a victim of an attack that you are unable to recover from without significant damage to your business or personal assets. Fortunately, with a little effort now, even if you find yourself in the unlucky position of having your critical information held for ransom, you won’t have to ask yourself the question, “What happens if I don’t pay the ransom?”Preparation:Properly segment your network so that critical assets are protected from less secure areas of your networks. This will help prevent the spread of ransomware through your system. Trust me when I say that having one system affected by ransomware is far better than having an entire network affected.Ensure that you are frequently and regularly backing up all of your critical information. These backups should ideally be stored offsite. If storing offsite is not a possibility, then the backups should be isolated from your production network. This can include sending your backups to a trusted cloud provider or to a properly segmented portion of your network

Source: The Three Step Strategy For Defending Your Computer Against Ransomware

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‘Dream Empire’ documentary details China’s ‘white people for hire’ industry

IN ONE of the most surreal moments of David Borenstein’s short career as a “white person for hire” in China, he pretended — in front of hundreds of people — to be part of an internationally renowned band despite the singer not being able to sing and the musicians barely knowing their way around an instrument.At one event, they dressed up as British beefeater soldiers, some in ill-fitting fancy dress suits, and simply stared ahead, mute. Other foreigners would sit in fake houses in fake cities pretending to lead fake lives, where people would look at them longingly, eager for some of that fake international pizzazz to rub off.“It was absurd,” said Mr Borenstein, who lived in Chongqing at the time in south west China.“They didn’t care if we had any skills or talent. We used to call them ‘white monkey’ gigs.“The feeling of being ogled at must have been like the early days of anthropology when you could go to the zoo or a World Fair and see an African tribesman or an Eskimo next to an igloo.”

Source: ‘Dream Empire’ documentary details China’s ‘white people for hire’ industry

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Police called after woman complains chicken nuggets weren’t cooked fast enough

WACO, Texas — The Waco Police Department responded to a bizarre 911 call around 11 p.m. Friday. Officers said they responded to a restaurant drive-thru because a customer was mad her chicken nuggets were not cooked quickly enough and wanted to know why she could not get them for free. “Yes, we went on this call. No, she did not get them for free,” Waco Police said in a Facebook post. “Yes we actually tied up two officers on this call.”

Source: Police called after woman complains chicken nuggets weren’t cooked fast enough | WFAA.com

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