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3ders.org – Disney files patent for ‘anti-scanning’ material that could kill off 3D printed Star Wars toys

Entertainment giant Disney has filed a patent for an “anti-scanning” material that would prevent the unauthorized 3D scanning and 3D printing of copyrighted Disney figurines. The company is apparently trying to stem the flow of homemade 3D printed toys that can be downloaded online.It might not be the reason you bought a 3D printer, but homemade toys and figurines are undoubtedly one of the more popular recreational uses for additive technology. Just skim through our fun with 3D printing category to see the evidence for yourself.Unfortunately, the days of freely downloadable toys—at least, those of beloved Disney characters like BB-8, Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck—could soon be coming to an end. That’s because entertainment giant Disney has filed a patent for an “anti-scanning” material that could be used to make its official toys and merchandise harder to scan and digitize.The material, described in a recently filed patent, would have certain reflective properties that would supposedly befuddle scanning equipment by making solid edges hard to identify. It is not yet known exactly how this “retro-reflective” material work, but the patent suggests that glass crystals embedded in a figurine’s face could be used to perform the function. “The scan-protected exterior surfaces are either light-absorbing or reflect light in unconventional directions,” the patent states.

Source: 3ders.org – Disney files patent for ‘anti-scanning’ material that could kill off 3D printed Star Wars toys | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

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Eagles Adopt Baby Red-Tailed Hawk, Putting Aside Violent Species Rivalry 

An eagle family has adopted a baby red-tailed hawk in British Columbia, but scientists are not sure how much longer these natural enemies can live in harmony.Lynda Robson/Hancock Wildlife FoundationBald eagles and red-tailed hawks are not typically friends — in fact, they have been known to fight each other to the death.That’s why Canadian bird watchers were so surprised when they spotted a pair of bald eagles sharing a nest with and caring for a baby red-tailed hawk, in addition to their own three eaglets.The unexpected interspecies family is living in a Douglas fir at the Shoal Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary in British Columbia, as the Vancouver Sun reported.And bird experts are putting forward two main theories about how a red-tailed hawk chick, a species that is a fraction of the size of an eagle, ended up in the nest.

Source: Eagles Adopt Baby Red-Tailed Hawk, Putting Aside Violent Species Rivalry : The Two-Way : NPR

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Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald was just looking at tentacle porn for his family · Great Job, Internet! ·

Perhaps you were all geared up for some details around the “salacious and unverified” rumors James Comey was supposed to discuss at today’s Senate hearing, but instead got several hours of sober testimony on mostly established information. Just as the world was ready to breathe a sigh of disappointment, though, centrist media pundit Kurt Eichenwald (of Vanity Fair, MSNBC, and Newsweek fame) hopped on Twitter to inform the world of his interest in tentacle porn. In what was part of a larger attack on bowtie-wearing fuckstick Tucker Carlson, Eichenwald sent an image of his computer screen:Eichenwald has loads of enemies on the left and the right who quickly zeroed in on one of his tabs, which was apparently a search for “B-Chiku,” an extremely hardcore hentai. (Do not Google it.) He began getting owned for this almost immediately, and, to his credit, he did not delete the original tweet. His excuse, however, is not the best:Ah, the classic “this tentacle porn was for my wife and children” excuse. We’ve all been there! While there isn’t really a good way to bounce back after something like this—logging off for the week seems like the best idea—this did not stop people from lining up to dunk all over Eichenwald for the remainder of the day.

Source: Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald was just looking at tentacle porn for his family · Great Job, Internet! · The A.V. Club

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Shawnee Mission parents question semi-automatic guns in schools

From his office at the Shawnee Mission school district administrative center, John Douglass, the district’s director of safety and security, points to a sitting area in the hallway about 25 feet away.

It’s the distance a trained police officer can typically shoot an assailant with accuracy, he says. Next, he points to a door farther down the hallway — a distance still much shorter than the typical hallway at a Shawnee Mission school.

“To expect that I could stop somebody with a pistol from here to there….” He doesn’t finish his sentence.

Douglass cites the rising threat of active shooter situations as the reason why the district’s police department has issued eight semi-automatic rifles to its district resource officers, who have operated separately from municipal police forces since 1972.

District resource officers, responsible for security across the entire district, help school resource officers, based in schools, keep students safe.

“This weapon is a very serious weapon for some very limited circumstances,” said Douglass, the former chief of the Overland Park Police Department. “You are never going to see it unless something really, really bad is happening.”

Source: Shawnee Mission parents question semi-automatic guns in schools | The Kansas City Star

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Silicon Valley Parents Freak Out Over Sex Ed

Even parents in one of the richest, most progressive cities in the nation worry about what their kids are learning about sex.More than 1,600 parents in Palo Alto, California, have signed a petition to stop their school district’s sex education program until it’s changed. These Silicon Valley parents say they are concerned by descriptions provided to middle school students that describe explicit sexual experiences including masturbation, premarital sex, and the use of sex toys.The parents’ petition argues the curriculum is seductive rather than educational, and “leads 7th graders to follow the examples of a wrong age group and encourages 12 years olds to try sex for ‘wonderful orgasm.’”“Are you willing to let your 12 years old learn how to have sex from high schoolers?” the petition asks.The Palo Alto Unified School District curriculum provided to middle school students includes a range of fictional situations with characters older than the 12-year-old students being taught. Examples range from positive (“I’d had orgasms through masturbation before, but sharing yourself with someone you love and respect was really different and it felt wonderful”) to negative (“I started to cry”).

Source: Silicon Valley Parents Freak Out Over Sex Ed

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Your Mouse Movements Can Be Used To Stop Identity Theft 

With rapidly developing technology and increasingly imaginative criminals, there has been a rise in identity theft these days. As a result, one should be extra cautious and protect oneself from scams and other fraudulent scenarios by keeping their personal details secure. Because, if you become a victim of identity theft, your personal information such as name, maiden name, address, date of birth, social security number, passwords, phone number, e-mail, bank account and credit card numbers, could be used by thieves to exploit you.What is worse that these details can be used by them over and over again. For instance, the security questions asked about personal details, like, “what’s your mother’s maiden name?” or “On which of the following streets have you lived?” can be easily interpreted by a driven identity thief.So, how can one identify if it is a fake identity? While identifying fake profiles is a main problem in security, researchers in Italy have demonstrated a system that can detect whether the person answering the questions are genuine profile holders or not.The researchers have published the findings of their new study in PLoS One.

Source: Your Mouse Movements Can Be Used To Stop Identity Theft » TechWorm

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Man who thought he should be a girl shoots up grocery store 

A 24-year-old man named Randy Stair locked his coworkers in at a Weis grocery story and opened fire last week. Like other shooters, countless red flags are being found on his social media accounts where he talked about killing himself, showed off his guns, and even flipped a coin to decide if he would take others out with him. Before his death, he published a near 45 minute animated video on youtube which idolizes the Columbine shooters and represents his fantasy of following in their footsteps. Stair also left other videos, journals, and letters intended to be seen after his death.Stair stated in one of his farewell messages that he is a “girl who’s been trapped in a man’s body for two and a half decades,” and “I need to die, and I’m taking whomever I can down with me.” His Columbinesque video, which features animation of young girls with guns, scrolls over what appears to be Stair’s personal notes about his homicidal rage. Stair writes, “we are literally a walking and floating deceased femme doomsday machine, and we won’t stop until everyone suffers, becomes a slave, and dies.” [although the ‘we’ being referred to is never clarified as Stair seems to work alone]. Stair and his female co-star threaten ambiguously, saying “you have fucked with the wrong girls.”

Source: Man who thought he should be a girl shoots up grocery store – The Fifth Column

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How male allies can help create a more inclusive industry 

Image by : opensource.comI saw it happening all too often. Men who care about workplace diversity in their tech companies, but inadvertently said the wrong thing. Or they wrote a quick message, using non-inclusive gendered language by mistake. Or they laughed at a joke, without stopping to think about who it would offend.I heard from men who, wanting to help female colleagues, introduced them to opportunities, but were reprimanded because they didn’t ask permission first:”The other day, I saw a viral tweet seeking to compile 1,000 women in tech who could speak at events. I responded with four women I highly look up to. One of them gently taught me that that is the wrong thing to do—I was putting a potentially unwanted spotlight and burden on her. Even well-intentioned actions have consequences, and consent is always important.”I saw male leaders trying to reassure women that their companies were meritocracies. That women had as much of a chance to get ahead as the men, even though the numbers proved otherwise. Like at Adobe, where women are 29% of the global workforce, yet only 24% filling leadership roles. Or Intel, whose workforce is 28% women, dropping down to 18% in leadership. Or Google, whose employees are 31% women with only 24% filling leadership positions.I read posts about panels going sideways, with the male speakers being a bit tone deaf about the challenges their female employees faced (for example, “White Male ‘Allies’ Have Surprisingly Little to Say About Fixing Sexist Tech Culture”, by Selena Larson).Across the tech industry, men were putting a proverbial foot into their mouths over and over again—good men, wanting to show support for workplace diversity, crossing lines they didn’t even know existed.Something needed to change.In open source communities specifically, we’re seeing calls for more inclusion on projects and at events based on age, gender, and other factors.In late 2014, I started the Twitter handle (@betterallies) to share everyday actions for guys working in tech. Steps anyone could take to be a better ally for women and underrepresented minorities. Here’s a sampling of recent Tweets:I pledge to introduce people by including their title and area of responsibility. “Please say hello to our Director of Growth, Ana Smith.” https://t.co/wUrD4XDc1A— Better Male Allies (@betterallies) June 6, 2017In job descriptions for managers, I add “Experience leading diverse teams” as a requirement. Shows our commitment, attracts the right folks.— Better Male Allies (@betterallies) April 18, 2017Headed to an end-of-week happy hour at your office? Take the #MaleAllies challenge & say hi to someone who doesn’t look like you.— Better Male Allies (@betterallies) April 7, 2017In meetings, I try to use a women or minority’s name when referring to or building on something they said. “To Jane’s point…” #MaleAllies— Better Male Allies (@betterallies) March 26, 2017My goal is to help anyone who wants to support women and underrepresented minorities, but may not be sure exactly how to do so. As Nithya Ruff, a member of the Linux Foundation Board of Directors, tweeted recently:A great site for everyday practical tips on supporting someone. We often tell men to be allies & don’t tell them how. Follow @betterallies https://t.co/bLSzVhBoVy— Nithya Ruff (@nithyaruff) April 3, 2017To get ideas for Tweets, I review research and news articles for actionable steps. I amplify what I see others doing in online communities and at meetups for Diversity and Inclusion professionals. And I reflect on the missteps I’ve made over my 25+ years working in tech, with a pledge to do better.Becoming an ally is a journey, and it’s a journey that I’m on myself.Want to join me? Check out @betterallies. Follow the Medium channel. Subscribe to the newsletter. Tell someone about these resources. Together, we can—and will—make a difference.

Source: How male allies can help create a more inclusive industry | Opensource.com

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French Police Seize Two Tor Relays in WannaCry Investigation

Two days after the WannaCry ransomware outbreak wreaked havoc across the world, French police seized a server running two Tor relays belonging to French activist Aeris, who said the server was confiscated in connection to the WannaCry attacks.Aeris reported the incident on the Tor Project mailing list last month, on May 15, where he asked fellow operators to revoke trust in two of his relays, who were also Tor entry guard nodes, special servers trusted by Tor clients as the first hop when connecting to the Tor network.Big French company got infected, filed complaintThe activist said police seized his server because a big French company was infected with WannaCry two days earlier, on May 12. The company logged all outgoing traffic during the attacks and provided the data to police.WannaCry communicates with a command and control server hosted on the Dark Web, on a .onion address. Aeris suspects his servers were used as first hops in this connection, hence the reason police seized his property, hosted via French hosting provider Online SAS.

Source: French Police Seize Two Tor Relays in WannaCry Investigation

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KA-CHING! Comey Set To Net $10 Million With Book Deal 

Former FBI Director James Comey is everywhere.He’s leaking private memos of his meetings with President Trump to the media, testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee, and talking with anyone who will listen.And he has a goal with all this spotlight grabbing: A hefty payday.”If the publishing world has anything to say about it,  the nation’s ex-top cop, 56,  will be a multimillionaire ten times over from the book deal major publishers are offering to pay up front for his memoir — a whopping $10 million,” the Daily Mail writes.It’s a sum right up there with the kind of advances paid to the Clintons – although maybe not a high as the Obamas – and the kind of royalty money generated by Comey’s nemesis Donald Trump’s many books.’Jim Comey’s story has everything, from White House intrigue to possible corruption and law breaking. His explosive story makes ‘West Wing’ and ‘House of Cards’ on a par with Mister Rogers,’ an acquisition editor for a major New York publishing house told DailyMail.com’When his proposal hits my desk, I’ve already been authorized to offer $10 million.

‘Not only that, but the publisher of another key player in the book world revealed that major Hollywood producers are already lining up to make the torn-from-the-headlines blockbuster movie about Comey’s life and his attempt to unseat the president.A prominent movie-TV agent told DailyMail.com: ‘I know one top drawer producer who’s already talking to stars to cast the Comey role. He has to be tall, good-looking and a Jimmy Stewart-John Wayne-hero type. I was mesmerized when I spent the whole day watching Comey testify.’Comey could expect a movie deal tied into the book worth many millions of dollars more, tens of millions.’The Washington Post called Comey’s testimony a ‘performance of a lifetime – Classic G-man and aggrieved victim.’ And a New York Times headline billed Comey as, ‘Hero, Villain and Shakespearean Character…’Comey’s seven-page testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee was released late Wednesday, just hours before his appearance.


‘When that document hit my desk I thought, ‘I want his book,’ said another top editor whose been involved in some of the biggest New York Times nonfiction bestsellers. Yup. Comey has had a plan all along. He helped Hillary Clinton weather two political storms (and avoid criminal charges) while acquiescing to demands from President Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch to call the Justice Department’s investigation into Clinton nothing more than a “matter.” And he went after Trump almost immediately, sullying his name in the media — and then refusing to clear him even though he wasn’t under FBI investigation.Comey likes to portray himself as nonpartisan, unflappable and impossible to influence. But his actions have always revealed something else entirely — so, too, will his decision to take $10 million to tell his story.Bank on it.

Source: KA-CHING! Comey Set To Net $10 Million With Book Deal | Daily Wire

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Congressman introduces ‘COVFEFE Act’ to make social media a presidential record 

While the political world and late-night comedians still debate what “covfefe” means, at least one member of Congress is aiming to establish what it stands for.

Democratic Rep. Mike Quigley of Illinois has introduced a bill, dubbed the “COVFEFE Act,” to require the preservation of a president’s social media records.
Quigley’s bill turns the buzz word into an acronym standing for the Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement Act, which would broaden the scope of the Presidential Records Act of 1978 by including the term “social media” as documentary material.
On May 31, President Donald Trump declared at 12:06 a.m. on Twitter: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.”

Source: Congressman introduces ‘COVFEFE Act’ to make social media a presidential record – CNNPolitics.com

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Strathclyde University bosses send email ordering scholars to stop pooing in bins and showers 

Bosses at Strathclyde University’s state-of-the-art Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC) have told scholars to stop pooing in bins and showers.About 400 students and 250 staff at the £89million science hub have been warned over disgusting toilet habits.An email was sent by the facility’s operations management team warning that WCs must be used to dump waste.Chiefs believe the centre’s multicultural population may have caused the problem, which has left the building’s cleaning staff kicking up a stink.

Source: Strathclyde University bosses send email ordering scholars to stop pooing in bins and showers – Glasgow Live

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