KA-CHING! Comey Set To Net $10 Million With Book Deal 

Former FBI Director James Comey is everywhere.He’s leaking private memos of his meetings with President Trump to the media, testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee, and talking with anyone who will listen.And he has a goal with all this spotlight grabbing: A hefty payday.”If the publishing world has anything to say about it,  the nation’s ex-top cop, 56,  will be a multimillionaire ten times over from the book deal major publishers are offering to pay up front for his memoir — a whopping $10 million,” the Daily Mail writes.It’s a sum right up there with the kind of advances paid to the Clintons – although maybe not a high as the Obamas – and the kind of royalty money generated by Comey’s nemesis Donald Trump’s many books.’Jim Comey’s story has everything, from White House intrigue to possible corruption and law breaking. His explosive story makes ‘West Wing’ and ‘House of Cards’ on a par with Mister Rogers,’ an acquisition editor for a major New York publishing house told DailyMail.com’When his proposal hits my desk, I’ve already been authorized to offer $10 million.

‘Not only that, but the publisher of another key player in the book world revealed that major Hollywood producers are already lining up to make the torn-from-the-headlines blockbuster movie about Comey’s life and his attempt to unseat the president.A prominent movie-TV agent told DailyMail.com: ‘I know one top drawer producer who’s already talking to stars to cast the Comey role. He has to be tall, good-looking and a Jimmy Stewart-John Wayne-hero type. I was mesmerized when I spent the whole day watching Comey testify.’Comey could expect a movie deal tied into the book worth many millions of dollars more, tens of millions.’The Washington Post called Comey’s testimony a ‘performance of a lifetime – Classic G-man and aggrieved victim.’ And a New York Times headline billed Comey as, ‘Hero, Villain and Shakespearean Character…’Comey’s seven-page testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee was released late Wednesday, just hours before his appearance.


‘When that document hit my desk I thought, ‘I want his book,’ said another top editor whose been involved in some of the biggest New York Times nonfiction bestsellers. Yup. Comey has had a plan all along. He helped Hillary Clinton weather two political storms (and avoid criminal charges) while acquiescing to demands from President Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch to call the Justice Department’s investigation into Clinton nothing more than a “matter.” And he went after Trump almost immediately, sullying his name in the media — and then refusing to clear him even though he wasn’t under FBI investigation.Comey likes to portray himself as nonpartisan, unflappable and impossible to influence. But his actions have always revealed something else entirely — so, too, will his decision to take $10 million to tell his story.Bank on it.

Source: KA-CHING! Comey Set To Net $10 Million With Book Deal | Daily Wire

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