Man who thought he should be a girl shoots up grocery store 

A 24-year-old man named Randy Stair locked his coworkers in at a Weis grocery story and opened fire last week. Like other shooters, countless red flags are being found on his social media accounts where he talked about killing himself, showed off his guns, and even flipped a coin to decide if he would take others out with him. Before his death, he published a near 45 minute animated video on youtube which idolizes the Columbine shooters and represents his fantasy of following in their footsteps. Stair also left other videos, journals, and letters intended to be seen after his death.Stair stated in one of his farewell messages that he is a “girl who’s been trapped in a man’s body for two and a half decades,” and “I need to die, and I’m taking whomever I can down with me.” His Columbinesque video, which features animation of young girls with guns, scrolls over what appears to be Stair’s personal notes about his homicidal rage. Stair writes, “we are literally a walking and floating deceased femme doomsday machine, and we won’t stop until everyone suffers, becomes a slave, and dies.” [although the ‘we’ being referred to is never clarified as Stair seems to work alone]. Stair and his female co-star threaten ambiguously, saying “you have fucked with the wrong girls.”

Source: Man who thought he should be a girl shoots up grocery store – The Fifth Column

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