Your Mouse Movements Can Be Used To Stop Identity Theft 

With rapidly developing technology and increasingly imaginative criminals, there has been a rise in identity theft these days. As a result, one should be extra cautious and protect oneself from scams and other fraudulent scenarios by keeping their personal details secure. Because, if you become a victim of identity theft, your personal information such as name, maiden name, address, date of birth, social security number, passwords, phone number, e-mail, bank account and credit card numbers, could be used by thieves to exploit you.What is worse that these details can be used by them over and over again. For instance, the security questions asked about personal details, like, “what’s your mother’s maiden name?” or “On which of the following streets have you lived?” can be easily interpreted by a driven identity thief.So, how can one identify if it is a fake identity? While identifying fake profiles is a main problem in security, researchers in Italy have demonstrated a system that can detect whether the person answering the questions are genuine profile holders or not.The researchers have published the findings of their new study in PLoS One.

Source: Your Mouse Movements Can Be Used To Stop Identity Theft » TechWorm

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