Fox News Drops ‘Fair and Balanced’ Motto 

Fox News is “Fair and Balanced” no more.In the latest sign of change at the cable news network, the “Fair and Balanced” motto that has long been a rallying cry for Fox News fans — and a finger in the eye of critics — is gone. The channel confirmed on Wednesday that slogan and network have parted ways.“The shift has nothing to do with programming or editorial decisions,” the network said in a statement. Instead, the slogan was dropped in part because of its close association with Roger Ailes, a network founder, former chairman and the originator of the phrase, who was fired in August in a sexual harassment scandal.The network said that “Fair and Balanced” was shelved as a marketing tool after Mr. Ailes’s departure. In its place is a new motto: “Most Watched, Most Trusted.”Another Fox slogan, “We Report, You Decide,” has also been retired, although the network said that it returned occasionally.Continue reading the main storyRELATED COVERAGEAt Fox News, Another Prominent Host Is Fired, and Another Week of Tough Headlines MAY 19, 2017Fox Reveals Cost of Sexual Harassment Allegations: $45 Million MAY 10, 2017CRITIC’S NOTEBOOKIn Conservative Prime Time, It’s Now Fox and Enemies MAY 3, 2017Some viewers may be surprised. Several Fox News personalities still toss the phrase “fair and balanced” into on-air conversation, though it no longer appears in graphics. Gabriel Sherman, longtime Fox News chronicler, reported on New York magazine’s website that the motto was gone for good.

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