Cable Lobby Again Makes It Clear That Net Neutrality Didn’t Hurt Broadband Investment 

So we’ve long noted how giant ISPs like Comcast have repeatedly tried to claim that the FCC’s fairly modest 2015 net neutrality rules utterly devastated broadband industry investment. The problem for Comcast is that any time a journalist takes the time to review publicly-available SEC filings and earnings reports, that claim is proven indisputably false. Yet, no matter how many times this complete and total fabrication is pointed out by the media, broadband industry lobbyists simply continue to repeat the claim, hoping lazy reporters regurgitate it (which still somehow happens more often than not).Not only does the broadband sector continue to repeat this claim, they contradict themselves on pretty much a monthly basis.The latest case in point: the cable industry’s top lobbying organization, the NCTA, this week published a blog post patting itself on the back for the amazing improvements and investments made in the sector in recent years. The group cites a recent report by Akamai (pdf), which notes the United States is now tenth worldwide in terms of average broadband speeds. The NCTA is quick to applaud itself for the industry’s “aggressive deployment of new technologies” by the cable sector:

Source: Cable Lobby Again Makes It Clear That Net Neutrality Didn’t Hurt Broadband Investment | Techdirt

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