Racist Black College Loses $5 Million Lawsuit 

A white professor who was fired from a “historically black” college specifically for being white has won a $4.85 million verdict.A Missouri appeals court upheld the verdict against Harris-Stowe State University in St. Louis. Elizabeth Wilkins filed the lawsuit after she was terminated in 2010 for “inappropriate activities” despite always receiving positive reviews.The smoking gun: One of Wilkins’ supervisors, Dr. Latisha Smith, repeatedly proclaimed her belief in “Black Power” and wanting to make the college “blacker” in several emails. Despite orders from the court to preserve the emails, they were deleted.“During discovery, the trial court ordered the Board [of Regents] to preserve Dr. Smith’s email account,” Judge Kurt Odenwald wrote for the three-judge panel, CourtHouseNews reports.“In violation of the order, the Board deleted Dr. Smith’s email account. Because of this violation, the trial court ruled, as a sanction, that the following allegations were deemed admitted: Dr. Smith’s email account contained statements expressing her desire to make the Teacher Education Department ‘blacker’ and that she recommended terminating Wilkins’s employment.”

Source: Racist Black College Loses $5 Million Lawsuit | The Federalist Papers

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