Sony Adds Toio Cubes to Its Arsenal of Strange Robotic Toys 

From Sony, the company that brought you the amazing Aibo and the slightly less amazing Rolly, comes a new consumer robotic toy: Toio, a “toy platform” consisting of little robotic cubes on wheels. It’s much cuter and way more fun looking than it sounds, and could be just clever enough to keep kids interested for more than 5 minutes (a common problem with a lot of robotic toys).Here’s the trailer that should give you an overview of what this thing is:We don’t have a lot of technical details on how the Toio cubes work, but they appear to have a pair of wheels at the bottom, some number of basic sensors, and bumps on top that are compatible with Legos. The robots are each approximately 32 mm × 32 mm × 19.2 mm (width × depth × height).They communicate via Bluetooth to a video game-type console where you insert a cartridge, which tells the robots how to behave. There are also motion-sensing rings that act as controllers and let you make the robots drive and spin around.

Source: Sony Adds Toio Cubes to Its Arsenal of Strange Robotic Toys – IEEE Spectrum

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