During the Irish Famine the Choctaw Nation, who were going through poverty and starvation , donated as much money as they could raise in solidarity with the Irish.

Kindred Spirits is a large stainless steel outdoor sculpture in Bailic Park in Midleton, Ireland.[1] The sculpture consists of nine 20-foot (6.1 m) stainless steel feathers arranged in a circle, no two feathers being identical.[2][3] It was created by Alex Pentek at the Sculpture Factory in Cork, Ireland and installed in Bailic Park in 2015.[1][3][4]

Kindred Spirits commemorates the time in 1847, during the Great Hunger, when the Native American Choctaw People donated a substantial amount of money to the Irish famine relief. This show of solidarity came despite the great hardships being faced by the Choctaw people themselves who were also living in conditions of starvation and poverty, and who had just a few years previous endured the Trail of Tears.[1] While records of the exact amount of the donation vary, the figure usually given is US$170[2] (about $4,400 in 2016 dollars, though some methods indicate it could have been as high as $20,000 in 2015 dollars.)[note 1]

Source: Kindred Spirits (sculpture) – Wikipedia

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