Kansas City prisoner ‘blessed’ to be free after lookalike found

A US prisoner who spent 17 years in jail for a robbery he did not commit has spoken of his relief that researchers found his lookalike.Richard Anthony Jones from Kansas was released from jail after witnesses said they could not tell the two men apart.A judge ruled there was no evidence to keep him in jail.Mr Jones said finding a photo of the other man – who as well as looking like him, shares the same first name – was a “needle in a haystack moment”.’I don’t believe in luck, I believe I was blessed,’ Mr Jones told the Kansas City Star.So far no criminal case has been filed against his double – known only as Ricky – who gave evidence at Mr Jones’s robbery retrial and denied committing the crime.While not saying Ricky was responsible, the judge found that based on the new evidence, no reasonable juror would have convicted Mr Jones.

Source: Kansas City prisoner ‘blessed’ to be free after lookalike found – BBC News

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