How To Enable VLC Picture In Picture View On Android

Android O has a new picture in picture feature. If you have the Android O preview installed on a device, there’s a chance you can see the new Picture-in-picture in action in the YouTube app. It’s not working for everyone on the developer preview even though the setting is all there. The good news is, VLC is all geared up to support this new feature. In fact, if you’re running the developer preview, you can install VLC (beta) app and check it out now. The VLC picture in picture view is fully functional for anyone on Android O.In order to install VLC (beta) on your device, you need to become a VLC beta tester. Once you’re in the beta program, and assuming you have Android O’s preview build on your phone, you can use the VLC picture in picture view.Open VLC player and select a video to play. Tap the overflow button next to the play button on the video. From the overlay that appears on your screen, tap the one at the bottom left. It looks like a rectangle within a rectangle.

Source: How To Enable VLC Picture In Picture View On Android

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