End-to-end email encryption with no central point of attack 

A seamless, easy-to-use, and secure end-to-end encrypted business collaboration tool with no central point of attack is a holy grail for every business, and Boston-based security company PreVeil believes they have the right solution on hand.“The idea of PreVeil came from realizing that, even though end-to-end encryption provides many benefits and this concept existed for many years, it is still largely not used in common collaboration tools, and a good business solution still does not exist,” Raluca Ada Popa, Founder and CTO at PreVeil, tells me.“The main reason is that existing solutions are hard to use or integrate poorly with the tools users use already, so users naturally tend not to use them. Moreover, providing a solution for document sharing is much more challenging than for messaging or email, because users modify documents and can change who can access a document.”Popa is an assistant professor of computer science at UC Berkeley with a specialization in computer security, and she earned her PhD from MIT doing research very much related to PreVeil.

Source: End-to-end email encryption with no central point of attack – Help Net Security

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