Intelligence agency takes on intelligence agency in the “Astral Projection Caper”

A formerly TOP SECRET document from the NSA describes an incident which it called the “Astral Projection Caper,” which revolved around what seems to have been fabricated, or at least nonexistent, CIA evidence of confirmed psychic phenomenon.Though the first chapter of the history is missing, another memo (seemingly from CIA) provides some insight. That memo, dated July 3, 1974, proposed an experiment where Patrick Price would be asked to use “remote viewing” to psychically gain information about a Soviet installation in the Ural Mountains. CIA already had some detailed information on the area, and so saw the opportunity to test Price’s abilities in a semi-operational setting. The experiment was to proceed in three stages: Describing the distinctive exterior features, providing floor plans and descriptions of the interior, and describing operations within the facility.

Source: Intelligence agency takes on intelligence agency in the “Astral Projection Caper”

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