What environmentalists just blamed on white people is downright stunning – Allen B. West 

If 2017 has proven anything, it’s that liberals still haven’t figured out why nobody takes them seriously. Despite getting clobbered in the 2016 election, liberals have doubled down on the same old tactics. Instead of finding better ways to get their message across, the left is still calling everyone that disagrees with them racist.Liberals play the race card so often, even issues that have nothing to do with race are swept up in the rhetoric. Climate change, for instance, shouldn’t have anything to do with race. After all, if the planet really is on the way to total destruction, we’re all going down with it. The Apocalypse simply won’t care about your skin color.However, the left doesn’t see things that way. In fact, the reason they think climate change isn’t being taken seriously is because of white people.

Some environmentalists think their movement needs to deal with its “unsustainable whiteness” problem, according to a blog post shared by the Sierra Club.

Grist blogger Nikhil Swaminathan claimed the environmental movement has “mostly run by well-off white people concerned about conserving critters and our country’s natural beauty, not the health and welfare,” in a post Tuesday. The Sierra Club’s official Twitter account later shared the blog with followers Wednesday afternoon.

What’s the key to saving the planet? Getting white people out of the way:

“Simply put, NGOs [non-government organizations] and foundations in the green space are still overwhelmingly white at all levels, especially top leadership — and that’s limiting their effectiveness, especially in addressing issues that affect frontline communities,” Swaminathan wrote. “Still, nearly three-quarters of staffers are white. And the numbers indicate less inclusiveness as you move to higher rungs in those outfits: Only 15 percent of the leaders are people of color.”

“White privilege and racism within the broader environmental movement is existent and pervasive,” Aaron Mair, the Sierra Club’s first black president, told Grist. “The current is not maintainable — we’re becoming a brown nation. It’s not about a one-off. It’s about sustainability.”

Can you imagine the outrage if someone said this about minorities? To liberals, the problem isn’t the message, the problem is that it’s white people delivering it. If we could just replace the white people, everything would be perfect!

In truth, it is exactly this kind of reasoning that has caused people to abandon the left. If you can’t convince someone on the merits of your argument…find a better argument. It’s really that simple.

Of course, leftists don’t seem to understand this logic. When people aren’t convinced of their argument, they just go straight into blaming white people. Not only will that not win anyone over, it shows who the real racists are in this country.

Source: What environmentalists just blamed on white people is downright stunning – Allen B. West – AllenBWest.com

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