Transgender activist’s calls for violence are shocking 

I’ve seen enough of the extreme and violent sides of trans and liberal activism which lingers on the internet to warrant alarm. As terrorism and rhetoric of violence becomes more of a focus here in the gun-saturated United States, there is a profound silence surrounding the abusive and dangerous language lingering on “leftist” social media platforms. As the mainstream transactivist movement makes massive gains in legislation and visibility, we need to look at how and why this rhetoric of violence is emerging.For clarification, the “TERFs” these people want to kill are “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists”, or feminists who do not agree with transgender activism. The justification for these calls for violence against women is rooted in a reversal: because these women (pejoratively called TERFs) deny the transgender doctrine that males can become females they are said to be erasing tranwomen, and therefore committing or condoning violence against them. This is how transactivists come to the conclusion that so-called “TERFs” (more politely referred to as gender critical feminists) can be likened to Nazis, and therefore should be eradicated. Even skepticism of transgender ideology can lead to death threats, rape threats, social ostracism, and violence. You don’t believe me? Though here I’ve provided a handful of instances, don’t take my word for it: question transgender ideology yourself. See what happens.

Source: Transgender activist’s calls for violence are shocking – The Fifth Column

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