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Salvador Dali’s body to be exhumed to resolve paternity case 

A Spanish judge has ordered the exhumation of Salvador Dalí’s body for DNA testing to settle a claim by a TV fortune-teller that she is the secret daughter of the Surrealist painter.Pilar Abel Martínez, 61, from Dalí’s home town of Figueres in Catalonia, has for years insisted that she is the product of a “clandestine love affair” between her mother and the then married artist. She is now suing the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation and the Spanish state, which inherited his works, to be recognised as his biological daughter. The verdict is due later this year.Ms Abel, who describes herself as “Dalí without the moustache” for her supposed physical resemblance to the painter, previously arranged to carry out a test using material from his death mask. However insufficient DNA was found, and the Madrid judge overseeing the case has now ruled there is no other way to obtain samples other than to disinter Dalí’s remains.

Source: Salvador Dali’s body to be exhumed to resolve paternity case 

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Birds fight parasites with cigarettes

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Man To Spend 180 Days In Jail For Turning Over Non-Working Password 

The protections of the Fifth Amendment are running up against technology and often coming out on the losing end. Court rulings have been anything but consistent to this point. So far it appears password protection beats fingerprints, but not by much.It all comes down to the individual court. Some view passwords as possibly testimonial in and of themselves, and side with defendants. Others view passwords as something standing in the way of compelled evidence production and punish holdouts with contempt of court charges.That’s what’s happening to a Florida man suspected of child abuse. He claims he’s given law enforcement his phone’s password already, but prosecutors claim the password failed to unlock his phone. They believe his phone holds evidence of the physical abuse alleged — a claim that seems a bit less believable than those made about child porn viewers and drug dealers.The court, however, has sided with prosecutors.

Source: Man To Spend 180 Days In Jail For Turning Over Non-Working Password | Techdirt

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FBI Seeks $21M to Counter Encryption

The FBI is asking for more than $20 million in the 2018 fiscal year budget to counter what the bureau sees as the threat of encryption, both in devices and in real-time communications tools such as text or voice apps.The request is part of the Department of Justice’s proposed budget for the next fiscal year, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said during a Senate hearing Tuesday that the FBI would use the money for a wide variety of things. In his testimony, Rosenstein said that the increased use of encryption, which the FBI and other law enforcement agencies refer to as the problem of “going dark”, is a growing challenge and needs funding support.“The seriousness of this threat cannot be overstated. ‘Going Dark’ refers to law enforcement’s increasing inability to lawfully access, collect, and intercept real-time communications and stored data, even with a warrant, due to fundamental shifts in communications services and technologies,” Rosenstein said.“This phenomenon is severely impairing our ability to conduct investigations and bring criminals to justice. The FBI will use this funding to develop and acquire tools for electronic device analysis, cryptanalytic capability, and forensic tools.”

Source: FBI Seeks $21M to Counter Encryption | On the Wire

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Intelligence Community ignored task force recommendations that could have prevented Snowden leaks

Task Group Six was an interagency working group for members of the National Security Council on the problem of intelligence compromises. As a result of its study, it made a number of recommendations to improve security and reduce the likelihood of insider threats – changing the way the intelligence agencies did business by putting a natural limit on the scope of their activities. If these policies had been pursued, it’s unlikely that Snowden would have had the justification or the ability to leak the materials he did. Instead, the recommendations that would have seen an actual shift in the status quo were ignored.Members of Task Group Six came from a cross-section of agencies, including CIA, DIA and NSA to review security breaches and cases of “treasonable activity” in five high profile cases to help prevent security breaches in the future. According to the previously SECRET / NOFORN document, Task Group Six built on the work of “five other integrated damage assessment task groups” which were likely the source of the 21 “additional cases” that Task Group Six reviewed.

Source: Intelligence Community ignored task force recommendations that could have prevented Snowden leaks

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