Snortable Chocolate Arrives in U.S. Stores

One of the first things you notice after opening a jar of Coco Loko is that it looks like hot chocolate mix. Snorting a line of the brown powder with specks of white confirms its familiar flavor, followed by a rush of energy.Americans are beginning to see the product alongside candy bars and energy pills at local shops as the Florida company Legal Lean moves to take a European club-drug trend mainstream.“I can see it taking off, as long as it doesn’t get too controversial,” says Nick Anderson, director of marketing for the five-person Orlando company. “We feel like we’re cutting edge in what we’re doing.”Snorting chocolate has received significant international attention since 2007, when Belgian chocolatier Dominique Persoone created a device he calls the Chocolate Shooter to snort cocoa (not cacao) powder. Health conscious European clubgoers separately use raw cacao in pills and drinks for its mildly euphoric, energizing effects.Coco Loko uses cacao, which is processed at a lower heat than cocoa, retaining more beneficial nutrients. Raw cacao is hailed as a superfood full of mood-lifting anandamide and phenylethylamine, cognition-assisting flavonoids and muscle-relaxing magnesium.Cacao can be purchased on or at a Walmart. Until now, however, powder specifically intended for snorting has not been a mass-market product in the U.S.Coco Loko is cut to enhance cacao’s effects. The label lists B vitamins, ginkgo biloba, blood flow-improving amino acid L-Arginine and the energy drink stimulants guarana and taurine.

Source: Snortable Chocolate Arrives in U.S. Stores | US News

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