Obama holdover: Trump style ‘quicker, more decisive’

Veterans Affairs Secretary David J. Shulkin is a rare bird in the Trump administration, having been a top Obama pick when he was the department’s undersecretary for health through the 2016 election.So, we asked him how things have changed under Trump, and he said it is all for the good.”I have found that mandate from him, to get this organization fixed and the support and freedom to go out and challenge old assumptions, as exactly what the VA needs right now,” Shulkin said.”I think the organization feels more empowered to fix problems than they have in the past, and my hope is that we will be able to set the path so that the organization is earning back that trust that it needs,” he added.Shulkin, who has won kudos for his management acumen, said that the president is using a businessman’s sense to fix government.

Source: Obama holdover: Trump style ‘quicker, more decisive’

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