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France shuts down its only de-radicalization center, says ‘experiment’ failed

France has officially shut down its only state-run radicalization prevention center in Pontourny, near the Loire Valley, intended to host up to 25 people who become radicalized and choose to enroll on a voluntary basis.Read moreFrench Senate backs permanent state of emergency measures amid street protests (PHOTOS)

The French Interior Ministry noted in a statement on Friday that the live-in reception center in Pontourny was “experimental,” and “showed its limits.”It was therefore decided to shut the facility down, the statement provided by AFP said, adding that “the government will study the possibility of opening [some other] small structures to develop alternative solutions to incarceration.”The French government decided to open the center with the objective of “preparing and developing an educational program used for the reintegration of radicalized young people in the process of marginalization,”Le Parisien reported.But since opening last September, the center has only welcomed nine volunteer residents, and none of them have completed the program, the interior ministry said, as cited by the French newspaper.A Senate report, unveiled earlier this month, lambasted France’s deradicalization strategy, calling for the center in Pontourny to be closed, Le Parisien reported.

Source: France shuts down its only de-radicalization center, says ‘experiment’ failed — RT News

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An internet-connected fish tank let hackers into a casino’s network 

A high-tech, internet-connected fish tank in a North American casino has been used to exfiltrate data from the company’s network. Smart drawing pads used in an architectural firm were part of a botnet used to mount DDoS attacks against websites around the world owned by entertainment companies, design companies, and government bodies.These are just some of the discoveries made by UK-based cyber defense Darktrace, but serve as perfect examples of how lax security when it comes to IOT devices can spell disaster for businesses.Unexpected doors into the corporate networkIn the case of the smart fish tank, the casino had configured the tank to use an individual VPN to isolate the tank’s communications from the commercial network, but the attacker managed to use this foothold into the company network to scan for vulnerabilities in other systems and exploit them.Ultimately, he or she managed to transfer 10GB of company data outside the network, to a server in Finland. The data was uploaded to the server via the compromised fish tank.

Source: An internet-connected fish tank let hackers into a casino’s network – Help Net Security

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Dark web doesn’t exist, says Tor’s Dingledine. And folks use network for privacy, not crime

DEF CON A Tor Project grandee sought to correct some misconceptions about the anonymizing network during a presentation at the DEF CON hacking convention in Las Vegas on Friday.Roger Dingledine, one of the three founders of the Tor Project, castigated journos for mischaracterizing the pro-privacy system as a bolthole exclusively used by drug dealers and pedophiles to hide from the authorities.In fact, he said, only three per cent of Tor users connect to hidden services, suggesting the vast majority of folks on the network are using it to anonymously browse public websites for completely legit purposes. In other words, netizens – from journalists to activists to normal peeps – use Tor to mask their identities from website owners, and it’s not just underworld villains.Dingledine even went as far as saying the dark web – a landscape of websites concealed within networks like Tor – is so insignificant, it can be discounted.“There is basically no dark web. It doesn’t exist,” he told his DEF CON audience. “It’s only a very few webpages.”

Source: Dark web doesn’t exist, says Tor’s Dingledine. And folks use network for privacy, not crime • The Register

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New Surgical Strategy Offers Hope for Spinal Cord Injuries

Both ventral and dorsal roots have been detached, which is the common scenario clinically, the ventral root is implanted directly into the cord as is dorsal root, but after the ganglion has been cut out. In the final drawing the possible re-established connections and reflex arch are colored. Source: Thomas Carlstedt and Mårten RislingScientists in the UK and Sweden previously developed a new surgical technique to reconnect sensory neurons to the spinal cord after traumatic spinal injuries. Now, they have gained new insight into how the technique works at a cellular level by recreating it in rats with implications for designing new therapies for injuries where the spinal cord itself is severed.The brain and the neurons (nerve cells) in the rest of our body are connected in the spine. Here, motor neurons, which control muscle movement, and sensory neurons, which relay sensory information such as pain, temperature and touch, connect with the spinal cord.Where the neurons connect with the cord, motor neurons bundle together to form a structure called the motor root, while sensory neurons form a sensory root. In patients with traumatic injuries, these roots can be torn, causing areas of the body to lose neural control.Surgeons can implant motor roots at the area from which they are torn, and they will usually successfully reconnect, as motor neurons can regrow out of the spinal cord and into the motor root. However, this does not apply to the more troublesome sensory root, which surgeons couldn’t reconnect properly until recently. “Doctors previously considered this type of spinal cord injury impossible to repair,” says Nicholas James, a researcher at King’s College London. “These torn root injuries can cause serious disability and excruciating pain.”

Source: New Surgical Strategy Offers Hope for Spinal Cord Injuries

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Genetic evidence suggests the Canaanites weren’t destroyed after all


The Canaanites are famous as the bad guys of the Book of Joshua in the Tanakh, or the Hebrew Bible. First, God orders the Hebrews to destroy the Canaanites along with several other groups, and later we hear that the Canaanites have actually been wiped out. Among archaeologists, however, the Canaanites are a cultural group whose rise and fall has remained a mystery. Now, a group of archaeologists and geneticists has discovered strong evidence that the Canaanites were not wiped out. They are, in fact, the ancestors of modern Lebanese people.

The Canaanites were a people who lived three to four thousand years ago off the coast of the Mediterranean, and their cities were spread across an area known today as Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, and Syria. Though they were one of the first civilizations in the area to use writing, they wrote most of their documents on papyrus leaves that didn’t survive. As a result, our only information about these people has come from their rivals and enemies, like the Hebrews, whose accounts were likely biased.The Canaanites are still hereWellcome Trust Sanger Institute geneticist Marc Haber and his colleagues decided to find out who the Canaanites were by sequencing ancient DNA from five persons whose bodies were found buried in the Canaanite seaside town of Sidon. An ongoing archaeological dig at the site had uncovered the burials of three women and two men who lived roughly 3,700 years ago in the bustling area. After sequencing DNA from all five people, the researchers compared the results with the genomes of 99 modern-day Lebanese people.

Source: Genetic evidence suggests the Canaanites weren’t destroyed after all | Ars Technica

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DEA Data Shows Drug Cartels Continue to “Operate and Profit” From Marijuana Sales in Legalized Markets

A legal marijuana grow in Colorado. Photo Brett Levin/Flickr.A bulletin from the El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC) released to law enforcement in February 2017 describes how Mexican transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) are continuing to exploit legalized markets in the U.S. for the sale and distribution of marijuana.  In January 2016, EPIC produced a bulletin detailing how “data provided by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and open source reporting” indicated at the time that Mexican TCOs had not been adversely affected by marijuana legalization in numerous markets, noting instead “that the effort of legalization had conversely brought new opportunities for illicit profits from marijuana sales.”  The updated February 2017 bulletin, which was obtained by Public Intelligence, indicates that Mexican TCOs continue to exploit the legalization of Marijuana in these areas, operating in three distinct “co-equal marijuana markets in U.S. legalized states: a legal market; an illegal market, and a black market.”Based on “analytical exchanges” between DEA and Northwest High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) analysts, the bulletin states that TCOs are selling illegally grown marijuana in legal markets, including to “proscribed customers, such as children.”  In black markets, TCOs are selling illegally grown marijuana at lower prices in an attempt to undercut the profit margins on legally cultivated marijuana.  In all three markets, the TCOs are “evading state tax laws” and often utilizing public lands to grow the marijuana before transporting it back to non-legalized state markets.  The bulletin provides some specific examples of diversion from legalized markets:

Source: DEA Data Shows Drug Cartels Continue to “Operate and Profit” From Marijuana Sales in Legalized Markets | Public Intelligence

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Report: Human embryo edited for first time in US, pushes limits

A team of researchers in Oregon have become the first in the US to attempt genetically altering human embryos, according to reporting by MIT Technology Review. The attempt is said to represent an advance in the safety and efficacy of methods used to correct genetic defects that spur disease.

Until now, the only three published reports of human embryo gene editing were from researchers in China. But their experiments—using a gene-editing method called CRISPR—caused “off-target” genetic changes, basically sloppy changes in the DNA that were not intended. Also, not all the cells in the embryos were successfully edited, causing an effect called “mosaicism.” Together, the problems suggested that the technique was not advanced enough to safely alter human embryos without unintended or incomplete genetic consequences.Scientists familiar with the new US work told MIT Technology Review that the Oregon team has improved these issues. They’re said to have shown in experiments with “many tens” of human embryos that they can correct genetic mutations that cause disease while avoiding mosaicism and off-target effects. Their improved method allows for earlier delivery of CRISPR into cells at the same time sperm fertilize an egg.

Source: Report: Human embryo edited for first time in US, pushes limits | Ars Technica

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How Hackers Can Use ‘Evil Bubbles’ to Destroy Industrial Pumps

SINCE THE NSA’S infamous Stuxnet malware started exploding Iranian centrifuges, hacker attacks that disrupt big, physical systems have moved out of the realm of Die Hard sequels and into reality. As those attacks evolve, the cybersecurity community has started to move beyond the question of whether hacks can impact physical infrastructure, to the more chilling question of exactly what those attacks might accomplish. Judging by one proof-of-concept demonstration, those attacks could come in more insidious and unexpected forms than defenders expect.In a talk at the Black Hat security conference Thursday, Honeywell security researcher Marina Krotofil showed one example of an attack on industrial systems meant to drive home just how surreptitious the hacking of so-called cyberphysical systems—physical systems that can be manipulated by digital means—might be. With a laptop connected to a $50,000, 610-pound industrial pump, she showed how a hacker could leverage a hidden, highly destructive weapon on that massive machine: bubbles.

Source: How Hackers Can Use ‘Evil Bubbles’ to Destroy Industrial Pumps | WIRED

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Low energy LED lightbulbs could be giving us all headaches

Energy-saving lightbulbs could be giving us all headaches as they flicker too much.LED bulbs can bring on feelings of dizziness and pain within just 20 minutes of switching them on, an expert has warned.Professor Arnold Wilkins, professor of psychology at the University of Essex, said the flickering of the unpopular lights is stronger than for traditional lightbulbs.While fluorescent lights, such as those in offices, dim by around 35 per cent with every flicker, LED lights dim by 100 per cent. It means they effectively turn off and on again hundreds of times every second.This can cause headaches by disrupting movement control of the eyes, forcing the brain to work harder. Flickering LED bulbs could double the chances of suffering a headache, based on previous research.

Source: Low energy LED lightbulbs could be giving us all headaches | Daily Mail Online

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Facial Recognition Coming to Police Body Cameras 

Even if the cop who pulls you over doesn’t recognize you, the body camera on his chest eventually just might.Device-maker Motorola will work with artificial intelligence software startup Neurala to build “real-time learning for a person of interest search” on products such as the Si500 body camera for police, the firm announced Monday.Italian-born neuroscientist and Neurala founder Massimiliano Versace has created patent-pending image recognition and machine learning technology. It’s similar to other machine learning methods but far more scalable, so a device carried by that cop on his shoulder can learn to recognize shapes and — potentially faces — as quickly and reliably as a much larger and more powerful computer. It works by mimicking the mammalian brain, rather than the way computers have worked traditionally.

Source: Facial Recognition Coming to Police Body Cameras – Defense One

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Radiohead hid an old school computer program on their new album

As if you already didn’t know that Radiohead are a bunch of big ole nerds, there’s an easter egg on a cassette tape included in the Boxed Edition of OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997 2017. At the end of the tape recording, ther

Source: Radiohead hid an old school computer program on their new album

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Doctor takes break from giving birth to help deliver another baby

Kentucky OBGYN Amanda Hess had just put on her hospital gown and settled in at the Frankfort Regional Medical Center over the weekend when she “overheard the nurses preparing for a woman in active labor who needed to deliver immediately because the baby was in distress,” according to an account of events shared on Facebook by Dr. Hala Sabry.

“My husband actually said, ‘Is that a woman screaming?” Hess told WKYT-TV.

Though the OBGYN had been waiting for her own induction and delivery, she leapt into action to help the other expecting mother. Leah Halliday Johnson was fully dilated and waiting for the doctor on-call to return to the hospital for the delivery.

An OBGYN delayed her own labor to help another woman deliver her baby.

But Hess, a doctor of osteopathic medicine with certifications in both obstetrics and gynecology, knew there was no time to spare. Her own contractions were just minutes away from starting, Lex 18 reported.

“I just put on another gown to cover up my backside and put on some boots over my shoes, to keep from getting any fluid and all that stuff on me, and went down to her room and I knew her,” she recalled.


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Apple Removes Apps From China Store That Help Internet Users Evade Censorship

China appears to have received help on Saturday from an unlikely source in its fight against tools that help users evade its Great Firewall of internet censorship: Apple.Software made by foreign companies to help users skirt the country’s system of internet filters has vanished from Apple’s app store on the mainland.One company, ExpressVPN, posted a letter it had received from Apple saying that its app had been taken down “because it includes content that is illegal in China.”Another tweeted from its official account that its app had been removed.A search on Saturday showed that a number of the most popular foreign virtual-private networks, also known as VPNs, which give users access to the unfiltered internet in China, were no longer accessible on the company’s app store there.ExpressVPN wrote in its blog that the removal was “surprising and unfortunate.”It added, “We’re disappointed in this development, as it represents the most drastic measure the Chinese government has taken to block the use of VPNs to date, and we are troubled to see Apple aiding China’s censorship efforts.”

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Hackers’ Own Tools Are Full of Vulnerabilities 

When someone says they were hacked by an “advanced persistent threat” (APT)—parlance often used for allegedly government backed hackers—you might imagine some well organized, secret hacking unit that only uses the most sophisticated and specially crafted tools.However, some of the most popular pieces of malware used by so-called APTs—to target everything from oil companies to dissident organizations—are littered with their own security vulnerabilities, according to new research to be presented this week in Las Vegas. The research may also have implications for the debate around hacking-back, the practice of victims retaliating against hackers in order to minimize the damage or learn more about the attackers.Some of the tools are “very, very poorly written,” Waylon Grange, a researcher from cybersecurity firm Symantec who analyzed the malware told Motherboard in a phone call.Grange simply picked a selection of popular tools that repeatedly came up in APT reports, and then poked around for vulnerabilities. For example, hackers have used a piece of Windows malware called Gh0st RAT to target Tibetan activists and South Korean organizations. Gh0st RAT can switch on a victim machine’s camera, steal data, and much more.

Source: Hackers’ Own Tools Are Full of Vulnerabilities – Motherboard

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Smart glasses let you turn off the lights in the blink of an eye | New Scientist

A pair of glasses that can harness the movement around your eye when you blink could be used to manipulate the world around you

Source: Smart glasses let you turn off the lights in the blink of an eye | New Scientist

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It took DEF CON hackers minutes to pwn these US voting machines 

DEF CON After the debacle of the 2000 presidential election count, the US invested heavily in electronic voting systems – but not, it seems, the security to protect them.This year at the DEF CON hacking conference in Las Vegas, 30 computer-powered ballot boxes used in American elections were set up in a simulated national White House race – and hackers got to work physically breaking the gear open to find out what was hidden inside.In less than 90 minutes, the first cracks in the systems’ defenses started appearing, revealing an embarrassing low level of security. Then one was hacked wirelessly.“Without question, our voting systems are weak and susceptible. Thanks to the contributions of the hacker community today, we’ve uncovered even more about exactly how,” said Jake Braun, who sold DEF CON founder Jeff Moss on the idea earlier this year.

Source: It took DEF CON hackers minutes to pwn these US voting machines • The Register

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Security robot falls into pond after failing to spot stairs or water

View image on TwitterA security robot tasked with patrolling an office building in Washington DC has instead driven itself into a water feature.

The bot appears to have been a Knightscope K5, a surveillance bot designed to roll around “parking lots, corporate campuses and hospitals” so it can use its video cameras, anomaly detection, live video streaming and real-time notifications capabilities to inform you if you need to send a human security guard to sort something out.

Knightscope says the bot can find a way through “even the most complex environments”. But not, evidently, the water feature of The Washington Harbour, an office and retail complex in Washington, DC. As the Tweet below shows, the K5 decided to take a dip in said water feature.

Our D.C. office building got a security robot. It drowned itself.

We were promised flying cars, instead we got suic

A security robot tasked with patrolling an office building in Washington DC has instead driven itself into a water feature.The bot appears to have been a Knightscope K5, a surveillance bot designed to roll around “parking lots, corporate campuses and hospitals” so it can use its video cameras, anomaly detection, live video streaming and real-time notifications capabilities to inform you if you need to send a human security guard to sort something out.Knightscope says the bot can find a way through “even the most complex environments”. But not, evidently, the water feature of The Washington Harbour, an office and retail complex in Washington, DC. As the Tweet below shows, the K5 decided to take a dip in said water feature.

Source: Security robot falls into pond after failing to spot stairs or water • The Register

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Social media is making mass surveillance easier than ever — and we’re just embracing it

 Anew study raises significant concerns about Snapchat’s Snap Map app, finding that the company’s reassurances ring hollow.Such apps offer attractive features, but underneath the cute design, there’s also a lot of surveillance going on.Social mass surveillanceIn a world where countless social media services fight for our attention, Snapchat managed to firmly establish itself as one of the big boys. Translated into 20 languages, Snapchat boasts over 160 million users who on average, open the app almost 20 times a day. It’s already grown into a huge project. But like other big social media, Snapchat also raises privacy concerns — especially regarding its new Snap Map feature

.In June 2017, a new Snapchat feature was revealed, allowing users to share their real-time location with their friends. You can also view snaps from people close to you or see heat maps of users, it’s quite an interesting app. But not everyone loved it. Many users considered it to be a stalker heaven and child protection groups have vocally protested against it. Snapchat tried to assure its users that they “routinely work with law enforcement” but, as a new study has shown, this just opens the doors for mass surveillance. Dr. Neil Thurman of City, University of London and LMU Munich, says that Snapchat routinely gives user data away to advertisers and other third parties, which, among others, has allowed law enforcement agencies to spy on innocent citizens, such as legitimate protesters and trade union members.But as bad as Snap Map is, it’s just one of a range of apps that do more or less the same thing.“Snap Map is just one of a range of apps that allows social network users to be monitored without their knowledge and with pin-point accuracy,” says Thurman . “Indeed some of these apps far exceed Snap Map in their surveillance capabilities, and are able to track individuals over time and across multiple social networks.”

Source: Social media is making mass surveillance easier than ever — and we’re just embracing it

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What Climate Change And Communism Have In Common…

Well, this is a little awkward if you’re part of the Climate Change Cult. It seems that scientific data is once again proving them to be wrong, as it usually does.Of course, Man Bear Pig’s little minions are so brainwashed, they no longer believe actual science and only believe what the Climate Change Cultientists tell them to believe. As most people know, these Cultientists use alarmist theories based on poor and even faked evidence so they can keep funneling taxpayer dollars to support themselves.These people have been screaming for years that ‘WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE’ if we don’t do something about global warming. The ice is melting; the Earth is heating up etc. etc. etc. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t true and more data is out that shows the ice in Greenland is actually GROWING. From Real Climate Science:The Greenland Ice Sheet is gaining near record amounts of ice this year. Very little melting has occurred this summer, which is about to start winding down..Temperatures on the Greenland Ice Sheet have been extremely cold, and broke the all-time record for Northern Hemisphere July cold on July 4, at -33C.We see the same pattern year after. Lots of ice gain over most of Greenland’s surface, particularly southeast Greenland.

Source: What Climate Change And Communism Have In Common…

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Ataribox retro mini-console plays current and classic games

Atari, in the hope of emulating the success of Nintendo’s Mini NES and Mini SNES, has unveiled the Ataribox—a modern console inspired by the legendary Atari 2600, which was first released in 1977.While technical details on the Ataribox are slim, Atari—or at least, the company that now goes by the Atari name after the original Atari went bankrupt in 2013—has revealed that the console will come in both red/black and wood editions, the latter paying homage to the 1977 original. Atari, in a newsletter to fans, promised that the Ataribox will feature SD card support, an HDMI port, and four USB ports (the teaser image also shows an Ethernet port). In a deviation from the emulation-based retro games of the Mini NES and SNES, it added that the Ataribox will play “classic” and “current” games.

Source: Ataribox retro mini-console plays current and classic games | Ars Technica

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Creative Minority Report: College Educted Libs are Least Tolerant

Tell me something I don’t know. College educated liberals are the most intolerant of others political beliefs because for them politics is religion.The funny thing is that every conservative knows this as a fact yet still the popular portrayal of conservatives in the media is one of intolerance and bigotry. It’s just one of those major disconnects between reality and THE NARRATIVE.

Breitbart:A recent survey by the Pew Research Center found that 35 percent of Democrats believed that a friend’s vote for Donald Trump would “strain” their relationship. Among white Democrats, the figure is even higher, with 40 percent saying that they would have trouble maintaining a friendship with someone who supported Trump. Nearly half (47 percent) of those who described themselves as “liberal” Democrats said their friendship would suffer with someone who favored Trump.By contrast, the share of Republicans who say that a friend’s vote for Hillary Clinton would strain their relationship was a mere 13 percent, just over a third the number of Democrats who say that a friend’s vote for Trump would do the same:With these data in hand, Vermeule, who is the Ralph S. Tyler professor of Constitutional Law at Harvard Law School, tweeted that, indeed, white liberal college graduates are “the least tolerant” in society, highlighting the three categories most radically affected by a person’s contrary political ideas:In a Twitter conversation that ensued, Vermeule suggested that on average Democrats and Republicans look at politics differently, which explains its differing effects on one’s personal life and relationships.Liberalism, he stated, “makes an idol of politics,” and thus, political dissent is looked upon as heresy. In the case of conservatives, however, politics plays a different role. “The data show that Republicans are more politically tolerant,” he said, because “politics isn’t as likely to be an idol, on average.”I have heard that families are actually strained and people don’t speak to one another because of politics. Invariably, it’s liberals not talking to conservatives. Awful.

Source: Creative Minority Report: College Educted Libs are Least Tolerant

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Someone Finally Asks Why Ubuntu Has 3 Terminal Apps… 

I’ve often wondered why Ubuntu ships with several different terminal apps installed by default.It’s a minor little quirk, granted, and something few people will notice. But a query that has, from time to time, confused me.Naturally I presume there to be some differences between GNOME Terminal, Xterm and UXTerm. But those differences are, to my end-user eyes at least, not especially self-evident.A discussion has kicked off on the Ubuntu desktop mailing list that suggests I am not alone in questioning the value of including quite so many terminals.Canonical’s Brian Quigley explains: “Xterm takes up two menu items (xterm and uxterm) and doesn’t provide any more functionality then gnome-terminal. In an installed setup, those two menu items make gnome-shell have 3 pages instead of 2 in my testing.”I only ever use GNOME Terminal, which is the default Ubuntu terminal emulator, or a GNOME Terminal alternative that I go out and install for myself.

Source: Someone Finally Asks Why Ubuntu Has 3 Terminal Apps… – OMG! Ubuntu!

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Is technology making us less courteous on the road? 

Shortly before Christmas in 2015 James Stocks made legal history, although it was an unwanted present. The 24-year-old from Cheshire became the first driver to be jailed on the basis of dashcam footage when his dangerous overtaking maneuver forced another vehicle off the road. Stocks was unaware that he was being monitored by a following vehicle, and the footage was later sent to the police – leading to his eventual court appearance.Since then, we’ve seen hundreds of stories of stupid and reckless driving, accompanied by digital footage in glorious HD. The cameras are so small and cheap, with such clear footage that’s easy to download, that they can capture anything from the five vehicle pile-up to the arrogant sports car owner pulling out into busy traffic with little regard for those around him. Take a look at these two extremes from Peterborough – the horrendous, albeit drink-assisted madness of the woman who flipped her car (also containing her 19-month-old son) and this film from the city’s Lincoln Road, replete with cars reversing into busy traffic and generally ignoring traffic conventions.

Source: Is technology making us less courteous on the road? » TechWorm

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Trump Says He is ‘Not Joking’ About Covering Border Wall With Solar Panels

President Trump told reporters in remarks released late Thursday that he is “not joking” about a plan to cover the planned wall on the southern border with solar panels — a plan floated by the president as part of a way to pay for the infrastructure project.Trump was asked about the project Wednesday night by reporters aboard Air Force One on the way to Paris. When asked if he was joking about plans to cover the wall in panels, Trump said: “No, not joking, no.”“There is a chance that we can do a solar wall. We have major companies looking at that. Look, there’s no better place for solar than the Mexico border — the southern border,” he said. “And there is a very good chance we can do a solar wall, which would actually look good.”Trump has floated the idea before, an idea that appears to have the support of some congressional lawmakers and, as Trump noted, has been proposed by some businesses. In June, Trump reportedly mentioned the idea to Republican lawmakers as a way to potentially help pay for the wall, and it appeared to be welcomed favorably by some of the fiscal hawks in the Republican caucus.

Source: Trump Says He is ‘Not Joking’ About Covering Border Wall With Solar Panels

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Self-Service Food Kiosk Vendor Avanti Hacked 

Avanti Markets, a company whose self-service payment kiosks sit beside shelves of snacks and drinks in thousands of corporate breakrooms across America, has suffered of breach of its internal networks in which hackers were able to push malicious software out to those payment devices, the company has acknowledged. The breach may have jeopardized customer credit card accounts as well as biometric data, Avanti warned.According to Tukwila, Wash.-based Avanti’s marketing literature, some 1.6 million customers use the company’s break room self-checkout devices — which allow customers to pay for drinks, snacks and other food items with a credit card, fingerprint scan or cash.An Avanti Markets kiosk. Image: AvantiSometime in the last few hours, Avanti published a “notice of data breach” on its Web site.“On July 4, 2017, we discovered a sophisticated malware attack which affected kiosks at some Avanti Markets. Based on our investigation thus far, and although we have not yet confirmed the root cause of the intrusion, it appears the attackers utilized the malware to gain unauthorized access to customer personal information from some kiosks. Because not all of our kiosks are configured or used the same way, personal information on some kiosks may have been adversely affected, while other kiosks may not have been affected.”Avanti said it appears the malware was designed to gather certain payment card information including the cardholder’s first and last name, credit/debit card number and expiration date.

Source: Self-Service Food Kiosk Vendor Avanti Hacked — Krebs on Security

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Rock64 Mini PC Is The Linux-running Raspberry Pi Killer You’ve Been Waiting For

You might be knowing that Raspberry Pi is a small palm sized computer that lets you perform certain tasks and it even has the capability to replace a basic computer. Recently, a developer even took up the task to use a Raspberry Pi 3 as his primary computer after losing his MacBook Pro at a laptop. Just in case you wish to get started with Pi, follow our getting started with Raspberry Pi guide.Coming back to Rock64, sold by Pine64, it’s a new Raspberry Pi competitor that lets you run 4K videos by spending $25 only; that’s cheaper that a Pi 3. Apart from the 4K playback at 60Hz, Rock64 also beats Raspberry Pi when it comes to supporting HDR10, via HDMI 2.0.Talking about the ports and connectivity, PINE64’s Rock64 board has eMMC module socket, Pi-2 Bus, Pi-P5+ Bus, one USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, and a microSD card slot.

Source: Rock64 Mini PC Is The Linux-running Raspberry Pi Killer You’ve Been Waiting For

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The Blaze Host Lawrence Jones Says, ‘Black Folks Have Never Wanted a Handout’

Fox Insider interviewed The Blaze host Lawrence Jones and he explained his idea about the swift changes being made in our society. Lawrence says that the “tides are changing” as he explains that he does not believe victimhood will work in winning elections for Democrats anymore.He said, “This has been a formula where they win, when they do this race-baiting tactic, when they make people feel like a victim,” Jones continued,  “Until Donald Trump they did win elections.”Jones added, “Black folks have never wanted a handout. They have always been go-getters.”He continues, “The Republican party has always led the way,” Jones said, noting that Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther King Jr. were Republicans, while the Democrats were the party of the KKK.”“We should be capturing people in different communities,” Jones concluded, along with the idea that small policy changes such as school choice and pro-capitalism will be attractive to the black community.Donald Trump preached a similar lesson when he ran. I remember him stating something along the lines of, “You should vote for him because you have nothing to lose,” after being screwed over by Democrats for so long.I agree. Democrats keep the black community oppressed and then offer them “free” stuff to keep them voting Democrat. It’s sad really.Victimhood isn’t going to work anymore.

Source: The Blaze Host Lawrence Jones Says, ‘Black Folks Have Never Wanted a Handout’ – Godfather Politics

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Democrats in Maine Block Vote Making Female Genital Mutilation a Crime

In theory, cultural diversity is a beautiful thing — nobody has a problem with welcoming the variety of language, art, attire, food, music, and benign traditions to be found around the world. In practice, though, it’s become a nightmare.The Portland Press Herald reports that on Thursday, the Maine House of Representatives voted against creating a new crime of “female genital mutilation.” Instead, there will be an “education and outreach” program to discourage the barbaric act in immigrant communities.Yes, really:“I do not believe that it is happening in the state of Maine. I truly do not believe that,” said Rep. Lois Galgay Reckitt, D-South Portland.

\“And I believe if it was happening, it would be prosecuted vigorously by the federal (laws) or by the abuse statutes in this state.”But Rep. Heather Sirocki, R-Scarborough, said that since introducing the bill she has heard from numerous people in Maine – including some in the medical field – with personal stories about seeing female genital mutilation.The Maine DHHS recently issued guidelines clarifying that all “mandatory reporters” of child abuse – such as doctors, child care providers or teachers –must report suspected incidents of the practice, which is often called FGM. Yet Sirocki pointed out that the Maine Prosecutors Association, representing district attorneys in the state, supported elevating the practice to its own felony crime because some prosecutors question whether it is “aggravated assault when the parents and the children consent.”“I think this illustrates clearly that we need to have clear law in Maine on this issue,” Sirocki said.

Source: Democrats in Maine Block Vote Making Female Genital Mutilation a Crime

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Con artists took me for a ride. Here’s how to protect yourself

Record numbers of people are falling prey to fraudsters. Snake oil salesmen have adapted well to the 21st century; con artists abound. They still run scams in the street, but they also exploit cellphones and the internet to reach victims more readily.They are also drawn to online dating, where fraud has hit a high in the UK. MPs called this week for a ban on “catfishing”, the growing use of fake profiles, often to dupe those seeking romance out of money.While we get a lot of advice about how to avoid financial scammers online, less is said about how to handle an exchange with one in the office, in the marketplace or on the street. That’s partly because victims fail to report unethical behaviour and crime for fear of people thinking they are reckless or daft. Without their stories, we can’t learn how to avoid being victims ourselves.I’m happy to discuss what I have learned, having been conned numerous times. These include having been talked into buying useless stuff out of the back of a van and unwittingly funding a drug habit.

Source: Con artists took me for a ride. Here’s how to protect yourself | New Scientist

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Meet Ohio’s ‘Frankenpines’

Efforts to turn two looming cell towers in Toledo, Ohio, into faux pine trees to help them blend in with their surroundings are getting mixed reviews from residents, reports the AP. Some residents in Springfield Township have derisively dubbed the towers “frankenpines,” the Toledo Blade reports. Adding branches to the towers in the Toledo suburb wasn’t purely an aesthetic decision. It’s a zoning requirement for cell towers erected in Springfield Township residential districts.Springfield Township zoning officer Jacob Barnes says “the township is happy with how it turned out,” and told the Blade that he expects “the residents are as well.” A resident of a nearby subdivision who opposed construction of the 120-foot structure from the start says he remains concerned about potential health risks from living near a cell tower. Another resident says he’s just happy to have better cellphone service, and “I like how they disguised it. … My wife drives by it all the time and she didn’t even notice it.”

Source: Meet Ohio’s ‘Frankenpines’

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Interpol circulates list of 173 suspected members of Isis suicide brigade 

Interpol has circulated a list of 173 Islamic State fighters it believes could have been trained to mount suicide attacks in Europe in revenge for the group’s military defeats in the Middle East.The global crime fighting agency’s list was drawn up by US intelligence from information captured during the assault on Isis territories in Syria and Iraq.

European counter-terror networks are concerned that as the Isis “caliphate” collapses, there is an increasing risk of determined suicide bombers seeking to come to Europe, probably operating alone.

There is no evidence that any of the people on the list, whose names the Guardian has obtained, have yet entered Europe, but the Interpol circulation, designed to see if EU intelligence sources have any details on the individuals, underlines the scale of the challenge facing Europe.

Source: Interpol circulates list of 173 suspected members of Isis suicide brigade | World news | The Guardian

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Dark web market Alpha Bay was shut down by law enforcement

Dark web black market Alpha Bay went offline on June 5, leaving users to wonder whether its operators did it and ran off with their money.Reassurances that the market will be back online shortly rang hollow, and the Wall Street Journal revealed on Thursday that the market was shut down in a coordinated action by law enforcement agencies in the US, Canada, and Thailand.During the action, Alexander Cazes, a 26-year-old Canadian suspected of being one of the market’s administrators, was arrested in Thailand at the request of US authorities. A few days later, he was found dead in his cell at the Narcotics Suppression Bureau in Laksi district. By all appearances, he took his own life. The procedure for his extradition to the US was apparently underway.Alpha Bay was launched in late 2014 and has, in time, surpassed Silk Road in size. All kinds of contraband – including drugs and stolen payment card information – was sold and bought through it.Alpha Bay was one of the biggest markets of this kind on the dark web, and its disappearance is forcing its users to turn to other markets, like Hansa and Dream Market.

Source: Dark web market Alpha Bay was shut down by law enforcement – Help Net Security

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AT&T Says It May Soon Charge You Extra For Privacy | DSLReports, ISP Information

A top AT&T executive says the company may soon return to charging consumers an additional fee to protect their privacy. Last year, you might recall AT&T quietly started charging between $531 and $800 more each year if customers wanted to opt out of AT&T’s Internet Preferences program, which uses deep-packet inspection to track and monetize user behavior around the Internet. AT&T was heavily criticized for the move, and ultimately stopped charging the extra fees — but only to help secure regulatory approval for its Time Warner merger.But with AT&T getting every indication that its latest massive merger will be approved by Trump (despite a campaign promise to kill the deal), and AT&T having just successfully lobbied to kill consumer broadband privacy rules, the company says the “privacy surcharge” may be returning.In a an interview on C-SPAN, AT&T Senior Vice President Bob Quinn was quick to acknowledge that the idea wasn’t popular among consumer advocates and customers.”We got an enormous amount of criticism from privacy advocates when we rolled out, in Austin, Texas, an ad-supported Internet service…Privacy advocates screamed about that,” said Quinn.Of course that was then and this is now.

After successfully lobbying the GOP to kill consumer privacy protections, AT&T lobbyists have shifted their attention toward killing net neutrality, and ferreting all oversight of broadband ISPs to an over-extended and ill-equipped FTC. As such, there’s very little on the horizon stopping AT&T from doing whatever it damn well pleases under the Trump administration.”As the privacy revolution evolves, I think people are going to want more control, and maybe that’s the pricing model that’s ultimately what consumers want,” said Quinn, who repeatedly tried to insist this was simply “ad-supported Internet service” that the company would be revisiting eventually.But “more control” is the opposite of what AT&T offered. The company’s U-Verse broadband customers had to navigate a confusing array of options to even find the opt out function, and even then AT&T didn’t do a very good job making it clear that protecting your own privacy would be hugely expensive. Also note that while paying this additional money stopped you from seeing targeted ads, it didn’t even truly stop AT&T from collecting this data.

Source: AT&T Says It May Soon Charge You Extra For Privacy | DSLReports, ISP Information

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(4) IMPOSSIBALL Flat Earth Documentary (2017) – YouTube

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Tech Billionaires Secretly Planning to Free the Human Race from Matrix

On the southwestern edge of Lake Titicaca, Peru, there is an ancient 23-foot doorway known as the Aramu Muru. Local natives call it the “Puerta de hayu Marca,” the gateway to the lands of the gods and immortal life. Throughout their history, the natives have described people disappearing and appearing at this doorway.We’re revolutionizing the news industry, but we need your help! Click here to get started.In 1998, purported extraterrestrial contactee Jerry Wills claimed a tall blonde humanoid named Zo taught him how to access Aramu Muru and enter “another universe.” Wills further claimed that Zo illustrated to him how our universe is an experimental simulation within his species’ universe. They built it to understand their own reality, which is itself nested inside a larger universe.The next year, in 1999, the blockbuster science fiction film The Matrix came out and forever emblazoned into our collective subconscious the idea that our existence is a simulation created by a more advanced race of beings. Incidentally, the film also made long black trench coats, black sunglasses, and my last name all the rage, but I digress…

Source: Tech Billionaires Secretly Planning to Free the Human Race from Matrix

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500,000 Windows Users Infected By 15-Year-Old Stantinko Malware

he security researchers at ESET have uncovered a stealth malware named Stantinko. When the researchers started analyzing this malware, they were pretty confused with little idea if it was an adware or spyware. The researchers have traced Stantinko malware since 2002. Since then, the malware creators have tracked its activity and increased sophistication. The malware is still active with the new version of the main services which was released earlier this year.Components related to FileTourSome of the key points that you must know about Stantinko malware are:The chief targets of Stantinko malware are Russia and Ukraine, with 46% and 33%, respectively.The botnet is primarily an adware that installs browser extensions for injecting ads during web browsing.Components of the malware are hidden inside legitimate FOSS software.It installs multiple persistent services to resist the cleaning attempts.Malicious extensionsWhat sets Stantinko adware apart from others is its ability to download and execute other payloads. The researchers were able to find additional modules deployed by the adware, including fully-featured remote control backdoor, a Google searching bot, and a WordPress and Joomla brute forcing tool.The current version of the malware is distributed via torrent. The initial infection file, FileTour, is a downloader that installs multiple malicious applications. Stantinko’s persistent services also install malicious extensions, which seem legitimate, for performing advertising fraud. The two installed extensions are The Safe Surfing and Teddy Protection, whose combined installations are around 500,000.

Source: 500,000 Windows Users Infected By 15-Year-Old Stantinko Malware

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American Tech Giants don’t want an Open Web

Facebook, Google and Twitter use the name Net Neutrality to push for a tighter, more monopolised Internet while claiming they seek  to protect an open environment.Dozens of technology companies allied Wednesday to protest against the proposal by the government of Donald Trump aimed at limiting net neutrality.The term that seems to promote a more open web actually does exactly the opposite. It facilitates monopolies and limits information circulation on the web.Through their respective websites, Facebook, Google, Netflix and Twitter – among others – advocate an open and free network, while calling for the regulation of Internet providers in the United States.More than 80,000 online spaces participated in the initiative, dubbed the “Day of Action to Save Net Neutrality”. Companies displayed ads, alerts and information on the importance of an “Open Internet”.The reaction comes almost two months after the FCC began the process of reviewing the rules governing the activities of companies providing Internet access, such as Verizon, Comcast or AT & T, which seek ever more monopolistic regulations.Today, these tech giants do what they please with cyber infrastructure. They work closely with the spying apparatus to illegally collect private information from users. Now, they want more of that, more unlimited powers to determine who reads what, when and how.

Source: American Tech Giants don’t want an Open Web | The Real Agenda News | The Real Agenda News

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Government’s $15 Minimum Wage Advocates Aren’t Paying Their Interns 

Almost all of the lawmakers who co-sponsored a bill to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour also hired unpaid interns to supplement their staffs, a survey shows.A report from the Employment Policies Institute reveals that 174 of the bill’s 184 co-sponsors, or 95 percent, hire interns who are paid nothing.“It’s hypocritical to rally for a $15 minimum wage when these lawmakers don’t pay their own entry-level employees a cent,” said Michael Saltsman, managing director of the Employment Policies Institute.

Last month, the Congressional Progressive Caucus introduced the legislation to more than double the minimum wage, to counter what the lawmakers see as wage inequality amid a higher standard of living.

The Institute said it called the offices of House and Senate members and also checked congressional websites June 6 to 8 to determine intern compensation.

Source: Government’s $15 Minimum Wage Advocates Aren’t Paying Their Interns – Foundation for Economic Education – Working for a free and prosperous world

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Biometric data stolen from corporate lunch rooms system

A US payment kiosk vendor has been stung by malware scum.Avanti Markets helps employers monetise the lunch-room and get rid of counter-service, going beyond a simple vending machine to cover the whole sandwiches-fruit-drinks-junk-food with one payment system.Last week, as first spotted by Brian Krebs, the company posted this breach notice.The outfit explains it’s telling people their personal information, payment card data, and maybe biometric data, is at risk.The biometrics in question seem to be fingerprints, since that’s what the company pitches as a payment convenience and security feature.The breach – a malware infection on “some Avanti Markets” – meant the attackers got access to customer information on infected machines.

Source: Biometric data stolen from corporate lunch rooms system • The Register

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Who is the GovRAT Author and Mirai Botmaster ‘Bestbuy’? 

Security firm Tripwire published a writeup on that failed Mirai attack, noting that the domain names tied to servers used to coordinate the activities of the botnet were registered variously to a “Peter Parker” and “Spider man,” and to a street address in Israel (27 Hofit St). We’ll come back to Spider Man in a moment.According to multiple security firms, the Mirai botnet responsible for the Deutsche Telekom outage was controlled via servers at the Internet address Farsight Security, a company that maps which domain names are tied to which Internet addresses over time, reports that this address has hosted just nine domains.The only one of those domains that is not related to Mirai is dyndn-web[dot]com, which according to a 2015 report from BlueCoat (now Symantec) was a domain tied to the use and sale of a keystroke logging remote access trojan (RAT) called “GovRAT.” The trojan is documented to have been used in numerous cyber espionage campaigns against governments, financial institutions, defense contractors and more than 100 corporations.Another report on GovRAT — this one from security firm InfoArmor — shows that the GovRAT malware was sold on Dark Web cybercrime forums by a hacker or hackers who went by the nicknames BestBuy and “Popopret” (some experts believe these were just two different identities managed by the same cybercriminal).The hacker “bestbuy” selling his GovRAT trojan on the dark web forum “Hell.” Image: InfoArmor.GovRAT has been for sale on various other malware and exploit-related sites since at least 2014. On oday[dot]today, for example, GovRAT was sold by a user who picked the nickname Spdr, and who used the email address that the domains used to control the Mirai botnet that hit Deutsche Telekom all had some form of Spider Man in the domain registration records. Also, recall that the controller used to manage the GovRAT trojan and that Mirai botnet were both at one time hosted on the same server with just a handful of other (Mirai-related) domains.According to a separate report (PDF) from InfoArmor, GovRAT also was sold alongside a service that allows anyone to digitally sign their malware using code-signing certificates stolen from legitimate companies. InfoArmor said the digital signature it found related to the service was issued to an open source developer Singh Aditya, using the email address, both of these email addresses — and — were connected to similarly-named user accounts at vDOS, for years the largest DDoS-for-hire service (that is, until KrebsOnSecurity last fall outed its proprietors as two 18-year-old Israeli men).Last summer vDOS got massively hacked, and a copy of its user and payments databases was shared with this author and with U.S. federal law enforcement agencies. The leaked database shows that both of those email addresses are tied to accounts on vDOS named “bestbuy” (bestbuy and bestbuy2).

Source: Who is the GovRAT Author and Mirai Botmaster ‘Bestbuy’? — Krebs on Security

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