GET YOUR GOAT, YOU’VE PULLED Sick revellers at Oxford toff bash ‘romped with a goat’ during debauched uni party



The private dining club gained notoriety two years ago when unfounded claims were made about former PM David Cameron taking part in a sex ritual with a pig’s head.

A poster on student gossip page Oxfeu wrote: “Shoutout to those at Piers Gav who decided to f*** a goat — great to know Oxford remains a bastion of intellect.”

The message was dismissed as a warped joke, but was followed by a flurry of other outrageous claims.

On Oxford missed connections page Oxlove, a poster wrote: “To the guy I slept with in the orgy tent at the PG, let’s get a drink?”

Another student wrote: “Oriel blonde in the pink skirt: why did you reject me at gav?

“You are the reason I went and yet you refused to join me in the sex tent.”


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