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“Pre-Crime” Surveillance Technology, Social Blacklisting 

Last May I reported on Britain’s latest anti-crime technology already in use in the UK in a piece entitled “Britain’s Minority Report Style ‘Pre-Crime’ Programme Unexpectedly Unearthed“.I described how Britain already had a reputation for deploying the most intrusive surveillance systems against its own people anywhere in the Western world and how “Pre-Crime” systems were being tested with police using big data to stalk potential offenders who’ve yet to break the law.At the time I also mentioned that police departments around the world were partnering with private companies to use public data, personal information and algorithms to predict where illegal actions are most likely to occur and, crucially, who is most likely to commit them.A recent documentary aired in Canada called “Pre-Crime’ focused on pre-crime systems. One such system in the USA is at the forefront of the technology:“There’s a list in Chicago with 1,500 people on it. They are under surveillance by the police and there is a special algorithm that calculates the risk of them committing a crime.”This is pre-crime technology that professes to predict when a crime is to be committed and by whom. In just a few short months various systems are already operational around the world. But read on, as the more we learn about these systems the more dystopian they get because something else is coming on the back of it.

Source: “Pre-Crime” Surveillance Technology, Social Blacklisting | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

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“They’re Stupid As Shit:” CNN Producer Talks About The American Voter

In yet another damning video from Project Veritas, CNN is exposed as the fraudulently bias organization the independent media has been trying to highlight for some time. From a senior producer openly saying that the entire Russian story is being pushed purely for ratings, to Van Jones saying the Russian narrative is a big “nothing burger, there is really no other way to see this information.Many will try to claim that these tapes are deceptively edited to show a specific view. As that very well could be the case, it does not change the statements that were shown. This is similar to the hacked DNC emails, wherein the entire discussion was intentionally derailed by mainstream media to focus on the source, rather than the content, completely disregarding the veracity of the emails themselves and what they revealed; as if the simple fact that the emails might have come from a hostile nation would make the content any less true, or any less damning. The third edition to this series shows an associate producer revealing how the CNN staff feels about both Donald Trump, which is not much of a secret yet shows a clear bias, and the American people themselves.

Source: “They’re Stupid As Shit:” CNN Producer Talks About The American Voter

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The 2nd Amendment Comes To Europe: Czech Republic Expected To Enshrine Right To Bear Arms In Constitution

Most people inside and outside of the US believe that this country’s gun ownership rate is unique, but that’s not exactly true. Though America has the most privately owned guns per capita, there are other countries that aren’t too far behind us, such as Serbia, Yemen, Cyprus, and many Western nations like Finland and Switzerland. In most cases, these countries don’t have access to the same kind of firearms that we do, but nonetheless there are a ton of guns floating around in these places.

What really separates the US from every other country in the world, is that we have the right to bear arms preserved in our constitution. Technically, Honduras and Mexico have the same right in their constitutions, but in both cases it comes with a lot of restrictions. Their right to bear arms doesn’t have any teeth. The Swiss are known for letting many of their citizens own guns, but gun ownership for most Swiss citizens is more of a duty than a right.

America stands alone in this regard. We’re the only country with a constitution that gives civilians a clear and explicit right to own and carry firearms. In every other nation, civilians don’t own firearms unless their governments let them.

That however, is about to change. While most EU governments are eyeing more restrictive gun laws, the Czech Republic is about to add the right to bear arms to its constitution.

Source: The 2nd Amendment Comes To Europe: Czech Republic Expected To Enshrine Right To Bear Arms In Constitution

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Bernie Sanders, Not Donald Trump, Faces FBI Investigation 

Donald Trump, alone among the three presidential candidates enjoying a chance last summer to secure the nomination of a major party, did not find himself under FBI investigation in the year that followed.One gleans the opposite impression from news reports.Senator Bernie Sanders, like Hillary Clinton before him, faces, along with his wife, an FBI investigation. The inquiry explores allegations that Jane Sanders, as president of the now defunct Burlington College, defrauded a lender and Bernie Sanders used his influence to secure a dubious loan for the school to a buy waterfront land. She allegedly justified loans to creditors and school officials on, to borrow a phrase invented by socialist-songster Joe Hill, pie-in-the-sky projections regarding donations and enrollment. Mistaking hopes for reality makes for bad banking as it does bad politics.“The fraudulent loan led to the demise of the college,” Brady Toensing, the Vermont lawyer who on behalf of a Catholic parishioner requested the investigation 18 months ago, tells The American Spectator. “This fraud harmed students and resulted in financial losses to the bank, almost $150,000 in losses to the taxpayers of Vermont, and almost $2 million in losses to the Catholic Diocese. Numerous vendors to the school also did not get paid.”

Source: Bernie Sanders, Not Donald Trump, Faces FBI Investigation | The American Spectator

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Kiev Regime Conducted Special Operation to Destroy Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 

The Sovershenno Secretno newspaper (Top Secret) continues its investigation into the crash of the  Malaysian Boeing over the Donbass. The newspaper has published another portion of documents that establish Kiev’s guilt in the tragedy.Newspaper journalists have obtained a map, namely a secret flight plan, that was made and personally signed the day before the flight, on July 16, 2014, by the pilot of the 299th tactical aviation brigade, Captain Vladislav Voloshin. The plan was also approved by commander of the A4104 military unit, Colonel Gennady Dubovik.Ukraine persistently claims that there was no military aircraft flying in the area the day when the tragedy occurred. Yet, the newly published documents prove that Ukrainian officials lie.Pravda.Ru held a brief interview with Sergei Sokolov, editor-in-chief of the Sovershenno Secretno newspaper.“This time, the material is very extensive, there are scanned copies of documents and transcripts of  conversations with pilots of the Ukrainian aviation. It became known that Ukraine was using its warplanes on the tragic day. What does the newly discovered information say?”“These documents show that there were orders given to use combat aircraft. Conversations with servicemen of the Chuguev Airborne Division testified that there were sorties made. We try to be objective in this, but we know that the version promoted by the international commission in the Netherlands prevails. According to that version, it was a Russian Buk missile system that shot the plane down. We believe that this version of the investigation is biased and not credible, because the documents that we publish testify that there are other facts that need to be taken into account and carefully analyzed by the international commission in the Netherlands.”

Source: Kiev Regime Conducted Special Operation to Destroy Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

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RIAA Trashes Its Legacy As A 1st Amendment Supporter By Cheering On Global Internet Censorship

It appears that many people don’t remember this, but the RIAA used to be a major force in protecting free speech and the First Amendment. It had many good reasons to do so, after all, since free speech is very important to all of the artists that the RIAA’s labels work with. Artistic expression — especially in the musical realm — has frequently come under attack by politicians and, for decades, the RIAA was actually a really important player in standing up for the First Amendment. See, for example, this 1992 article in the LA Times from then RIAA President Jason Berman, in which he lists out all the ways that the RIAA has been fighting censorship. Yes, these are all specific in protecting musicians, but they were some really important First Amendment arguments to be made in these areas:In 1990, the RIAA kept lyric labeling legislation off the books in 22 states by implementing a state government relations program that became the RIAA’s second-highest-funded program, dedicated a full-time RIAA executive, consumed more than 80% of the association’s public relations efforts, mobilized grass-roots campaigns involving local retailers, artists, legislators and consumers and brought expert witnesses to testify before state legislatures.

Source: RIAA Trashes Its Legacy As A 1st Amendment Supporter By Cheering On Global Internet Censorship | Techdirt

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