Bernie Sanders, Not Donald Trump, Faces FBI Investigation 

Donald Trump, alone among the three presidential candidates enjoying a chance last summer to secure the nomination of a major party, did not find himself under FBI investigation in the year that followed.One gleans the opposite impression from news reports.Senator Bernie Sanders, like Hillary Clinton before him, faces, along with his wife, an FBI investigation. The inquiry explores allegations that Jane Sanders, as president of the now defunct Burlington College, defrauded a lender and Bernie Sanders used his influence to secure a dubious loan for the school to a buy waterfront land. She allegedly justified loans to creditors and school officials on, to borrow a phrase invented by socialist-songster Joe Hill, pie-in-the-sky projections regarding donations and enrollment. Mistaking hopes for reality makes for bad banking as it does bad politics.“The fraudulent loan led to the demise of the college,” Brady Toensing, the Vermont lawyer who on behalf of a Catholic parishioner requested the investigation 18 months ago, tells The American Spectator. “This fraud harmed students and resulted in financial losses to the bank, almost $150,000 in losses to the taxpayers of Vermont, and almost $2 million in losses to the Catholic Diocese. Numerous vendors to the school also did not get paid.”

Source: Bernie Sanders, Not Donald Trump, Faces FBI Investigation | The American Spectator

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