“They’re Stupid As Shit:” CNN Producer Talks About The American Voter

In yet another damning video from Project Veritas, CNN is exposed as the fraudulently bias organization the independent media has been trying to highlight for some time. From a senior producer openly saying that the entire Russian story is being pushed purely for ratings, to Van Jones saying the Russian narrative is a big “nothing burger, there is really no other way to see this information.Many will try to claim that these tapes are deceptively edited to show a specific view. As that very well could be the case, it does not change the statements that were shown. This is similar to the hacked DNC emails, wherein the entire discussion was intentionally derailed by mainstream media to focus on the source, rather than the content, completely disregarding the veracity of the emails themselves and what they revealed; as if the simple fact that the emails might have come from a hostile nation would make the content any less true, or any less damning. The third edition to this series shows an associate producer revealing how the CNN staff feels about both Donald Trump, which is not much of a secret yet shows a clear bias, and the American people themselves.

Source: “They’re Stupid As Shit:” CNN Producer Talks About The American Voter

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