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‘Mental health first aid training’ in schools is a sticking-plaster solution

The UK government is making £200,000 available for “mental health first aid” training in secondary schools, according to a statement released by the prime minister’s office. The teachers who will receive training under this new programme “will receive practical advice on how to deal with issues such as depression and anxiety, suicide and psychosis, self-harm, and eating disorders”.

Mental health problems affect about one in ten young people in the UK. Schools have been heavily criticised for failing to recognise and deal with mental health issues, so, on first glance, the new initiative seems sound. But is it sound?

The government has commissioned a company called MFA England to deliver mental health first aid training to 1,000 secondary school teachers in the first year of a three-year programme. This works out at just £200 per member of staff. This may not be a enough to cover the costs of the two-day course, as costs – according to MFA England’s website – may vary depending on the location and instructor, with some charging up to £300 per person for the course.

continue  http://theconversation.com/mental-health-first-aid-training-in-schools-is-a-sticking-plaster-solution-80166http://theconversation.com/mental-health-first-aid-training-in-schools-is-a-sticking-plaster-solution-80166

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Seymour Hersh’s CIA Whitewash Story “Trump’s Red Line” is Pure Mockingbird Propaganda On Par with Buzzfeed

The Mockingbird press are busy retooling their destabilization campaign against the current president of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

No longer able to continue pushing the “Russia/Trump collusion” myth since it has now been completely exposed as a fraud (see here and here for example) and because various reports have been done showing how the MSM has focused almost exclusively on that “fake news” for the past 3 months (completely ignoring other, real, stories of importance to the country), it would seem their Mockingbird handlers have decided to take a new approach to the destabilization campaign:

making the president look like an unhinged loose cannon… while completely absolving themselves for feeding him false intel.

Key to that developing propaganda line are players like Buzzfeed (who exposed their Mockingbird credentials even before Trump took office when they published the ridiculous and already discredited “Golden Shower Dossier”) and Seymour Hersh, a man who is given a lot of credit as being a “serious journalist” when in fact, he is not. He’s a Mockingbird asset and this latest effort of his PROVES IT once and for all.

Day before yesterday, the Trump White House issued a statement regarding what they considered to be evidence showing Syria making ready to launch another chemical weapon attack on their own civilians… for no apparent reason. Many independent journalists have reported on this, including myself, saying it looks like a new false flag event is in the works. Another “red-line” action staged like the one during the Obama days, by our intelligence services, in an effort to justify a full on invasion of Syria.  The White House issued this statement:

continue https://willyloman.wordpress.com/2017/06/28/seymour-hershs-cia-whitewash-story-trumps-red-line-is-pure-mockingbird-propaganda-on-par-with-buzzfeed/

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8 Vegetables and Herbs You Can Regrow Again and Again Inside your House or Garden


Here are 8 such Vegetables and Herbs You Can Regrow Again and Again in your garden. Do you throw your garlic-bulbs out once they start to sprout? What about your potatoes when they get a little wrinkly? How about ginger-root that sits out on the counter too long?

Well, you could be getting a lot more value out of your produce than you may realize! Many popular edibles can be regrown from the scraps you’re likely throwing-out. Keep watching for a list of veggie scraps you will want to hang on to, from here on out.

continue http://www.allselfsustained.com/8-vegetables-herbs-can-regrow-inside-house-garden/

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