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Listen to the privacy geeks…

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The story of Google’s AI subsidiary DeepMind took a not-unexpected turn this week when the ICO ruled that the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust failed to comply with the Data Protection Act when it provided patient details to DeepMind. This is the latest step in a saga that looks set to rumble on for some time – and one from which there are many, many lessons to be learned. One of those – sadly one that does not seem likely to be heeded as much as it should be – is that those involved in projects like this should pay more attention to those who can loosely be described as ‘privacy geeks’.

Two in particular have been critically involved in this process – Hal Hodson (@halhod) and Julia Powles (@juliapowles). Hal started the ball rolling with a serious piece of investigative journalism in New Scientist in April…

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Update your Android now – many holes fixed including ‘BroadPwn’ Wi-Fi bug

Google’s July 2017 security fixes for Android are out.As far as we can see, there are 138 bugs listed, each with its own CVE number, of which 18 are listed with the tag “RCE”.RCE stands for Remote Code Execution, and denotes the sort of vulnerability that could be abused by a crook to run some sort of program sent in from outside – without any user interaction.Generally speaking, RCE bugs give outsiders a sneaky chance to trigger the sort of insecure behaviour that would usually either pop up an obvious “Are you sure?” warning, or be blocked outright by the operating system.In other words, RCEs can typically be used for so-called “drive-by” attacks, where just visiting a web page or looking at an email might leave you silently infected with malware.

Source: Update your Android now – many holes fixed including ‘BroadPwn’ Wi-Fi bug – Naked Security

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The Pentagon Says It Will Start Encrypting Soldiers’ Emails Next Year 

Basic decade-old encryption technology is finally coming to Pentagon email servers next year.For years, major online email providers such as Google and Microsoft have used encryption to protect your emails as they travel across the internet.That technology, technically known as STARTTLS, isn’t a cutting edge development—it’s been around since 2002. But since that time the Pentagon never implemented it. As a Motherboard investigation revealed in 2015, the lack of encryption potentially left some soldiers’ emails open to being intercepted by enemies as they travel across the internet. The US military uses its own internal service, mail.mil, which is hosted on the cloud for 4.5 million users.But now the Defense Information Systems Agency or DISA, the Pentagon’s branch that oversees email, says it will finally start using STARTTLS within the year, according to a letter from DISA.

Source: The Pentagon Says It Will Start Encrypting Soldiers’ Emails Next Year – Motherboard

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Is Japan’s Naughty Knotty BDSM Scene Too Dangerous?


TOKYO—There’s a saying in Japan, Nama byoho wa kega no moto. That is, Half-baked knowledge of the martial arts is the cause of great injury.

It turns out the same is true in the realm of Japan’s fetish subculture. Half-baked knowledge of BDSM is also the cause of great injury—especially with ropes.

Japan’s fetish scene has blossomed in recent years and become part of the popular culture. A member of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s cabinet appears to have frequented S&M bars, and even the HBO series Girls had an episode set in a Tokyo bondage club.

However, as the fetish scene has grown, so have the number of injuries, and in a culture of shame many go unreported.

For decades there has been one man in Japan’s BDSM underground who has acted as the “Doctor House” of dungeonland, offering treatment to the masters, slaves, and dabblers who have done damage to themselves or their partners: Golden-san, also known as Golden Rule S.M. or Doctor Golden, is calling for a “gentler, wiser, and kinder BDSM.”

continue http://www.thedailybeast.com/is-japans-naughty-knotty-bdsm-scene-too-dangerous

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Ubuntu Core Now Supports the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3


To refresh your memory, Ubuntu Core is Canonical’s stripped down, streamlined, and super-secure version of Ubuntu based on Snappy.

And now it’s available for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 (CM3), released back in January.

The CM3 is a simple single-board computer that can connect to any device via a DDR2 SODIMM connector. It’s powered by the BCM2837 processor used in the Raspberry Pi 3, has 1GB RAM, and ships with a 4GB of flash storage.

Ubuntu Core Support “highly significant”

Now, don’t get too excited; this news doesn’t mean you’ll be able to run a fully-fledged Ubuntu desktop on the CM3. But this barebones version of Ubuntu will be just the ticket for tinkerers, makers and developers toying about with IoT (Internet of Things) ideaas.

Eben Upton, CEO at Raspberry Pi, is very excited by the arrival of Ubuntu Core, saying “…official support for Ubuntu Core is highly significant for our Compute Module 3. It opens up a huge community of developers keen to leverage Ubuntu’s particular advantages in the IoT world; its resource-efficient footprint, versatility, and industry leading security benefits.”

continue http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/07/ubuntu-core-raspberry-pi-compute-module-3

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Canada Is Building a 7 Megawatt-Hour Compressed Air Energy Storage Plant

Green energy is a popular topic right now, with many countries signing on to the Paris Climate Accord and planning to move away from fossil fuels toward renewable energy.

While most countries are working toward establishing solar and wind power farms, some countries like Canada are looking toward the creation of compressed air storage plants for power storage and generation.

How can compressed air change the way countries use and store green energy?

Compressed Air as Energy Storage

Compressing air in porous caves can serve as a backup form of power that can be tapped when the demand for power is high. Essentially, the compressed air is stored in caves of porous basalt rock when power demand is low. When more power is needed, the air is heated and piped through turbines to generate power.

continue https://singularityhub.com/2017/07/01/canada-is-building-a-7-megawatt-hour-compressed-air-energy-storage-plant/

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Obama warns Americans about too much patriotism — on July 4th weekend!

While most Americans are gathering with family and community this weekend to celebrate the most exceptional country in the history of the world, Mr. Hope and Change is halfway around the world talking doom and gloom — and criticizing his successor.

Barack Obama visited Indonesia this weekend, and in a series of appearances, attacked love of country and the policies of Donald Trump.

The Guardian reports:

The former US president said some countries had adopted “an aggressive kind of nationalism” and “increased resentment of minority groups”, in a speech in Indonesia on Saturday that could be seen as a commentary on the US as well as Indonesia.

“It’s been clear for a while that the world is at a crossroads. At an inflection point,” Obama said, telling a Jakarta crowd stories of how much the capital had improved since he lived there as a child.

But he said that increased prosperity had been accompanied by new global problems, adding that as the world confronts issues ranging from inequality to terrorism, some countries – both developed and less developed – had adopted a more aggressive and isolationist stance.

continue http://www.theamericanmirror.com/obama-warns-americans-much-patriotism-july-4th-weekend/

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Nurse Fails Drug Test, Blames It On ‘Very Sweaty’ Sex With A Coke User

continue http://www.craveonline.com/mandatory/1287465-nurse-fails-drug-test-blames-fact-sweaty-sex-coke-user

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How To Install Linux Kernel 4.12 In Ubuntu And Linux Mint?

On July 2nd, Linus Torvalds announced the release of the latest Linux kernel 4.12. In terms of commits and lines of code added, kernel 4.12 is a pretty big release. As a result, the total number of lines of code in Linux kernel is now 24.2 million.

Some of the important features in Linux kernel 4.12 are initial support for initial AMD’s Vega GPUs, along with NVIDIA GTX 1000 Pascal accelerate support. This release also introduced two new I/O schedulers. You can read more about this release in this dedicated article.

Having said that, we should now move on to the upgrade part and tell you how to install Linux kernel 4.12 on Ubuntu Linux, Linux Mint, and other Ubuntu flavors and derivates. For this, I’ll be describing two methods. Let’s tell you about them one by one:

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Installing Linux kernel 4.12 on Ubuntu & Mint

Method 1: Installing kernel 4.12 using Ukuu utility

Installing or upgrading to a new Linux kernel isn’t an easy task for a Linux beginner. As upgrading to a newer Linux kernel ensures better hardware support and improved security, nobody should be deprived of doing that.

For making this easier for all, I’ve already written an article on how to upgrade Linux kernel using Ukuu utility. You can follow the instructions given there to install Ukuu on your machine. After doing that, launch Ukuu GUI by running the following command:

The next step involves choosing the right Linux kernel after Ukuu window populates all the available Linux kernels. The kernels with red Tux symbol are unstable. As shown below, you’ll spot the stable Linux kernel 4.12.linux kernel 4.12 installation

Select the kernel 4.12 and press the install button in the right pane. After doing so, reboot your machine and enjoy the updated kernel.

Method 2: Installing kernel 4.12 using packages from kernel.ubuntu.com

  1. The first step in this method is downloading the .deb kernel packages from kernel.ubuntu.com using Terminal. To do so, launch a Terminal window and run the following commands one by one for 64-bit machines:

    2. For 32-bit systems, run the following commands one by one:

    3. Now install the .deb packages using the following command on your 64-bit or 32-bit machine:

    linux kernel 4.12 installation4. After that, you need to update GRUB. If you have BURG, then it should be updated:

    5.After completing all these steps, close all applications and restart the computer. By running the following command, you can check the installed version of Linux kernel:

linux kernel 4.12 installationBy using any of the two methods mentioned above, you can update your Linux kernel in Ubuntu or Linux Mint. Don’t forget to share your experiences with us.

continue https://fossbytes.com/install-linux-kernel-4-12-ubuntu-mint/

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Computer Servers Of Software Firm Linked To Petya Malware Attack Seized By The Police

As a part of the ongoing investigation to uncover the truth behind the Petya malware attacks, Ukrainian police, on Tuesday, seized the servers of an accounting firm which was suspected of playing a major role in the spreading of Petya, the head of Ukraine’s Cyber Police told Reuters.

The software in question is M.E.Doc, which is Ukraine’s most popular accounting software. It’s used by about 80% of companies in Ukraine. The Ukrainian government’scyber experts have found that the attackers made unauthorized interference with the company’s computers.

continue https://fossbytes.com/petya-attack-police-seizes-servers-me-doc/

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