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Transgender women ‘will soon get womb transplants’ so they can have babies

Transgender women born as boys can have babiesWomb transplants for transgender women who want to be mothers could be available in just a decade’s time, a leading NHS doctor has said.

Medical professionals have told the Mail on Sunday that at least three UK women could be offered wombs through a new charity-funded programme launching this year.

Womb transplants could make it possible for mothers who are born male to get pregnant and have babies.

Sweden has already seen success in ‘uterine transplantations’.

Since 2014, at least five babies have been born to womb-less women, after they received donor wombs in a series of operations at Gothenburg University in Sweden.

continue http://metro.co.uk/2017/07/02/transgender-women-will-soon-get-womb-transplants-so-they-can-have-babies-6749958/http://metro.co.uk/2017/07/02/transgender-women-will-soon-get-womb-transplants-so-they-can-have-babies-6749958/

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A satellite may be falling apart in geostationary orbit [Updated]

In the early hours of 1st July, the SES Satellite Control reestablished contact to AMC-9. SES and the satellite manufacturer Thales are working around the clock to evaluate the status and define the next steps.
Tracking information received on 29 June had suggested that at least two separate objects were located in the vicinity of AMC-9. Their source has still to be determined. The new piece of information was included by Thales and SES in their investigations.

All relevant operators and agencies are being kept informed and will receive regular updates from SES. The current assessment is that there is no risk of a collision with other active satellites. AMC-9 and its status continue to being tracked by SES and agencies, including the Joint Space Operations Centre (JSpOC) and ExoAnalytic, a private firm and tracking service provider.

continue https://arstechnica.com/science/2017/07/a-large-satellite-appears-to-be-falling-apart-in-geostationary-orbit/

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