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Comatose Football Fan Responds to Mention of Archrivals

(NEWSER) – The family of an Ohio man who returned to the US comatose in April after suffering a traumatic brain injury from a car accident in the Republic of Georgia was given little chance of recovering by doctors who said they should be prepared to turn off his feeding tube within six months to a year. Yet 38-year-old Zach Lawrence, of Dublin, Ohio, apparently wasn’t listening to the physicians at Ohio State University’s Dodd Hall Rehabilitation Center, the AP reports. He’s begun making sounds, keeping his eyes open, and smiling at his children. Some of the best evidence that he’s aware came when he was asked to respond with a push of a “yes” or “no” button to the question: “Do you like Michigan?”Ohio State and the University of Michigan have one of the fiercest and most storied rivalries in college football and just about everything else. To the delight of his family, Lawrence pushed the “no” button not once but twice. “He always makes a face when we mention Michigan,” Lawrence’s wife, Meghan, tells the Columbus Dispatch. “We’re pretty sure he’s in there.” Meghan Lawrence says Dodd Hall’s Disorders of Consciousness program has made all the difference. Therapists have been helping Lawrence stand on a treadmill and have been using electric stimulation to move messages from his brain to other parts of his body.

Source: Comatose Football Fan Responds to Mention of Archrivals

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Ohio Looks to Alter ‘Gun Free Zone’ Penalties 

As of right now, it is a felony to carry a firearm into a “gun free zone” in Ohio. There is also the risk of a year in prison and a $2,500 fine! However, lawmakers are looking to make a significant change to that!Ohio legislature is currently considering a bill that will lessen the penalty of a concealed hand gun in a no gun zone so that people are not risking a felony background to having their firearm. With a felony, people lose their right to vote AND own guns. The bill, which is sponsored by Republicans, will allow licensed carries to take their firearm into places that are considered gun-free zones, including government buildings, restaurants, and schools. Here’s the kicker, they just can’t get caught!However, if they DO get caught, they will simply be asked to leave and the citizen also won’t face criminal charges.

Source: Ohio Looks to Alter ‘Gun Free Zone’ Penalties – Godfather Politics

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Now Uber sued for textual harassment

Taxi app turned lawsuit magnet Uber last week was sued by Donna Giacomaro, a resident of Levittown, New York, for text message harassment, in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and New York state law.The complaint, filed in the Eastern District of New York, alleges that Uber last month began sending Giacomaro text messages that she never consented to receive.The court filing claims Uber’s need to grow its customer database has made it disinclined to maintain an accurate list of Uber customers.”Because Defendant’s income is dependent on the number of consumers registering as customers of Defendant, Defendant’s customer enrollment process does not include procedures necessary to confirm the accuracy of the information Defendant receives from potential customers, including their phone numbers,” the complaint says.

Source: Now Uber sued for textual harassment • The Register

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Spam Hacks: 12+ Things to Do with SPAM


Love it or hate it, SPAM is a cultural icon. The little loaves of spiced pork shoulder are recognized all over the US (and beyond!) for their saltiness, their fattiness, their ability to withstand all manner of emergency up to and incuding thermonuclear war and zombie apocalypse, and the distinctive schlllloooooop sound they make as they slide out of their cheery blue cans. That noise is more powerful than a mating call for certain Hawaiians I know.

A few weeks ago, we tasted every flavor of Spam on the market. It was… interesting. But the real question is: What do you do with over a dozen cans’ worth of leftover Spam?

You get creative, that’s what.

Each one of these recipes is just one small step for Spam, one giant leap for Spamkind (as we community of Spam lovers like to call ourselves).

continue http://www.seriouseats.com/2012/07/spam-hacks-what-to-make-with-spam.html

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