The Blaze Host Lawrence Jones Says, ‘Black Folks Have Never Wanted a Handout’

Fox Insider interviewed The Blaze host Lawrence Jones and he explained his idea about the swift changes being made in our society. Lawrence says that the “tides are changing” as he explains that he does not believe victimhood will work in winning elections for Democrats anymore.He said, “This has been a formula where they win, when they do this race-baiting tactic, when they make people feel like a victim,” Jones continued,  “Until Donald Trump they did win elections.”Jones added, “Black folks have never wanted a handout. They have always been go-getters.”He continues, “The Republican party has always led the way,” Jones said, noting that Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther King Jr. were Republicans, while the Democrats were the party of the KKK.”“We should be capturing people in different communities,” Jones concluded, along with the idea that small policy changes such as school choice and pro-capitalism will be attractive to the black community.Donald Trump preached a similar lesson when he ran. I remember him stating something along the lines of, “You should vote for him because you have nothing to lose,” after being screwed over by Democrats for so long.I agree. Democrats keep the black community oppressed and then offer them “free” stuff to keep them voting Democrat. It’s sad really.Victimhood isn’t going to work anymore.

Source: The Blaze Host Lawrence Jones Says, ‘Black Folks Have Never Wanted a Handout’ – Godfather Politics

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