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Is technology making us less courteous on the road? 

Shortly before Christmas in 2015 James Stocks made legal history, although it was an unwanted present. The 24-year-old from Cheshire became the first driver to be jailed on the basis of dashcam footage when his dangerous overtaking maneuver forced another vehicle off the road. Stocks was unaware that he was being monitored by a following vehicle, and the footage was later sent to the police – leading to his eventual court appearance.Since then, we’ve seen hundreds of stories of stupid and reckless driving, accompanied by digital footage in glorious HD. The cameras are so small and cheap, with such clear footage that’s easy to download, that they can capture anything from the five vehicle pile-up to the arrogant sports car owner pulling out into busy traffic with little regard for those around him. Take a look at these two extremes from Peterborough – the horrendous, albeit drink-assisted madness of the woman who flipped her car (also containing her 19-month-old son) and this film from the city’s Lincoln Road, replete with cars reversing into busy traffic and generally ignoring traffic conventions.

Source: Is technology making us less courteous on the road? » TechWorm

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