Instead of sending angry emails to your enemies, do this

High-stress situations can often cause people’s emotions to get the better of them. And if they’re not careful, the consequences can be dire.But try telling that to the high-profile individuals who were seen raging left right and center this week. US president Donald Trump’s personal attorney Mark Kasowitz, for instance, didn’t think twice when a stranger sent him an email asking him to “Resign now.” He just blasted off a series of expletive-driven threats: “I’m on you now. You are fucking with me now. Let’s see who you are.”Then there was the litany of abusive emails which writer and producer Frank Darabont wrote to his colleagues at AMC during the shooting of the zombie-hit TV series “Walking Dead.” One went so far as to threaten a killing spree with bodies being thrown out the door.

Source: Instead of sending angry emails to your enemies, do this — Quartz

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