Linux, Windows, macOS Affected By 21-year-old Kerberos Protocol Bug; Patch Now

Kerberos is a computer network authentication protocol that ensures a secure communication by allowing the nodes to prove their identity to each other securely. This is done on the basis of Tickets. Kerberos is based on symmetric key cryptography and needs a trusted third-party.A team of researchers has found a bug in the Kerberos authentication protocol. They have named this vulnerability as Orpheus’ Lyre. For those who don’t know, Orpheus was a Greek mythological musician who controlled a three-headed hound, Cerberos, with his lyre’s music. Kerberos is itself named after Cerberos.Kerberos vulnerability explained in briefComing back to the flaw, it affects operating systems from the likes of Apple, Microsoft, FreeBSD, Red Hat, and Debian. This 21-year-old bug has now been fixed in the patches released by the creators of different operating systems.This bug affects three implementations of Kerberos. Through the open source Heimdal implementation of Kerberos V5, Samba and FreeBSD are affected. It should be noted that the MIT implementation of Kerberos remains unaffected.

Source: Linux, Windows, macOS Affected By 21-year-old Kerberos Protocol Bug; Patch Now

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