WikiLeaks drops another cache of ‘Vault7’ stolen tools

The WikiLeaks “Vault 7” almost-weekly drip-drip-drip of confidential information on the cybertools and tactics of the CIA continued last week.The latest document dump is a trove from agency contractor Raytheon Blackbird Technologies for the so-called “UMBRAGE Component Library” (UCL) Project, which includes reports on five types of malware and their attack vectors.This is the 17th release of specific CIA hacking or surveillance tools since the initial announcement by WikiLeaks on March 7.According to a statement announcing the latest release:

The documents were submitted to the CIA between November 21st 2014 (just two weeks after Raytheon acquired Blackbird Technologies to build a Cyber Powerhouse) and September 11th 2015. They mostly contain Proof-of-Concept ideas and assessments for malware attack vectors – partly based on public documents from security researchers and private enterprises in the computer security field.Raytheon Blackbird Technologies acted as a kind of “technology scout” for the Remote Development Branch (RDB) of the CIA by analysing malware attacks in the wild and giving recommendations to the CIA development teams for further investigation and PoC development for their own malware projects.

Source: WikiLeaks drops another cache of ‘Vault7’ stolen tools – Naked Security

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