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Parasitic worm eggs may soon be legally sold as food in Germany 

More than 7000 people worldwide are thought to have bought parasitic worms online and ingested them in an attempt to treat conditions ranging from depression to inflammatory bowel disease. Now, a type of pig worm is being evaluated for approval as a food ingredient in Germany. If accepted, it will become the first officially approved product of its kind in Europe.The idea for intentionally infecting yourself with parasites is that, until recent improvements in hygiene, they were common inhabitants of our bodies, having evolved to secrete substances that pacify our immune systems, so they can live in our guts. Detlev Goj, of Thai company Tanawisa, thinks that, in eliminating the problem of parasites – particularly the human hookworm – we may have overlooked possible benefits some parasites may have.Hookworms are bad – they can cause diarrhoea, pain, anaemia and weight loss. Thankfully, they are no longer a common problem in rich nations. But parts of the world where parasitic worms are still common haven’t had the same rises in immune conditions like allergies, inflammatory bowel problems, type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis that have been seen in richer nations.“Most research has been focused on hookworm disease, and we’ve overcome that but overshot slightly,” says William Parker of Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina. “We need to scale back and find a happy medium.”

Source: Parasitic worm eggs may soon be legally sold as food in Germany | New Scientist

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Original Man in Godzilla Suit Dies

Haruo Nakajima, the actor who stomped in a rubber suit to portray the original 1954 Godzilla, helping to make the Japanese monster an iconic symbol of the nuclear era, has died. He was 88. Nakajima’s daughter Sonoe Nakajima says he was hospitalized last month and died of pneumonia Monday, the AP reports. Haruo Nakajima was a stunt actor in samurai films when he was approached to take the role of Godzilla, which may be Japan’s most successful cultural export. Some fans prefer Nakajima’s version over some Hollywood depictions, which they say make the fire-breathing lizard an evil-looking animal.Vivacious and energetic in a 2014 interview with the AP, Nakajima said he invented the character from scratch, and developed it by going to a zoo to study how elephants and bears moved. He said it was important to show the pathos of the creature, which could only smash everything in its way. “If Godzilla can’t walk properly, it’s nothing but a freak show,” he said. He recalled that the rubber suit he wore was so hot, especially under the glaring lights of the movie set, that the sweat he wrung from his shirt would fill half a bucket. Until recently, Nakajima had continued to be a star guest at festivals and events. “I am the original, the real thing,” he said in 2014. “My Godzilla was the best.”

Source: Original Man in Godzilla Suit Dies

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Mexican Boys Forced To Eat Human Flesh As Initiation Into Drug Cartel

After a multiple murder and decapitation, boys were made to eat a victim’s flesh in what is just the latest instance of cartel cannibalism.STR/AFP/Getty ImagesA bus believed to have been burned in central Mexico by the Jalisco New Generation Cartel during a clash between the gang and authorities. May 1, 2015.On May 22, members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) on motorcycles raided a car dealership in the Mexican state of Tabasco and killed five people, decapitating some. When it was over, the killers signed their work by leaving a blanket bearing the cartel’s name.Soon afterward, authorities connected the dots between this case and several other violent incidents in the area — now in the middle of a war between rival cartels — which led them to a cartel house. There, in the freezer, they found parts of one of the bodies.Now, Spain’s El País news outlet reports that teenage boys were forced to eat the flesh of these victims as an initiation into CJNG.The boys, one 16 and one 17, were drugged with crack and acid, then made to eat pieces of flesh that had been cut from the body. The prosecutor’s office has decided to release no further details of the incident except to say that the boys “showed no regrets after the incident.”

Source: Mexican Boys Forced To Eat Human Flesh As Initiation Into Drug Cartel

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Verizon’s new rewards program lets it track your browsing history

Verizon has a new rewards program out this week, called Verizon Up, which awards users a credit for every $300 they spend on their Verizon bill that can be redeemed toward various rewards.Customers will be able to get rewards such as “Device Dollars toward your next device purchase, discounts on an accessory, or partner rewards,” along with other surprise offerings and first-come, first-serve ticket opportunities, which all seems like a nice occasional thing to get for regularly paying your cellphone bill.RELATEDOath isn’t just a terrible name — it’s going to be a nightmare ad-tracking machineBut, as noted by Brandon Robbins on Twitter, the new program comes with a pretty big catch: you have to enroll in Verizon Selects, a program that allows the company to track a huge chunk of your personal data. That includes web browsing, app usage, device location, service usage, demographic info, postal or email address, and your interests. Furthermore, that data gets shared with Verizon’s newly formed Oath combination (aka AOL and Yahoo), plus with “vendors and partners” who work with Verizon. Which is kind of a long list of people who have access to what feels like a fairly significant amount of your data.

Source: Verizon’s new rewards program lets it track your browsing history – The Verge

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Inmates now say the Workhouse is too cold after AC units were in

The relief from the heat is now a causing complaints from inmates inside the Workhouse, saying the medium-security institute is too cold. News 4 reported the city installed five temporary air conditioning units, ranging from 25-50 tons in weight. The installations came after inmates were heard calling from the prison windows, saying it was too hot inside and that their cells had no air conditioning. The city will pay $40,000 for one month of service until a permanent solution is found. However, now inmates inside the prison are complaining the conditions are too cold. Download the KMOV News appKoran Addo, with Mayor Lyda Krewson’s office, said the staff at the prison were overwhelmed with complaints from inmates about the cooler temperatures. Addo said one inmate was even caught using a broom handle to break one of the cooling pipes from the air conditioner. The inmate was placed into administrative confinement.

Source: Inmates now say the Workhouse is too cold after AC units were in – KMOV.com

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These Birds’ Molting Patterns Might Change How Government Uses Drones

Drones are a critical part of the federal government’s response to oil spills, especially in Alaska where shipping disasters have left wildlife covered in contaminants for years after. The unmanned aerial vehicles can track the spread of hazardous chemicals and also observe the creatures living close to the spill without forcing human researchers to approach cold ocean water and ice. But drones can be obtrusive, especially to birds that might find the flying machines threatening, so researchers at the Interior Department are investigating the shapes, sizes, colors, noise-levels and flying altitudes of drones that are least likely to disrupt certain species of birds. » Get the best federal technology news and ideas delivered right to your inbox.

Sign up here.Specifically, Interior’s Fish and Wildlife Service wants a contractor to provide drones for a week-long test observing waterfowl and their response to the unmanned vehicles. For example, the Spectacled and the Stellar’s Eider sea ducks, both considered endangered, are common in nearshore parts of Western Alaska that are at increased risk of oil spills. It’s too expensive to study these birds in their molting habitat off the shore, but Interior hopes to observe similar birds in accessible parts of inland Alaska during the pilot.

Source: These Birds’ Molting Patterns Might Change How Government Uses Drones – Nextgov.com

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Google employee says he’s exploring ‘all possible legal remedies’ after he was fired over anti-diversity manifesto | CLG News


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Google Fires Guy Who Wrote Gender Memo | Newser Mobile


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