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‘Tissue Paper’ Organs Show Promise

A team from Northwestern University has developed a novel type of bioactive tissue that is thin and flexible enough to be folded into ‘origami-like’ shapes and could be used in a variety of treatment programs.The ‘tissue paper’ was created from the structural proteins excreted by cells that give organs their form and structure, combined with a polymer to make the material pliable.The researchers made the tissue papers from ovarian, uterine, kidney, liver, muscle and heart proteins that were obtained by processing pig and cow organs.“This new class of biomaterials has potential for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine as well as drug discovery and therapeutics,” corresponding author Ramille Shah said in a statement. “It’s versatile and surgically friendly.”The cells are removed from the tissues, leaving the natural structural proteins—extracellular matrix—that are then dried into a powder and processed into the tissue papers.

Source: ‘Tissue Paper’ Organs Show Promise

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Google and Lena Dunham: The New Thought Police

Remember when Al Gore and his dippy wife Tipper’s biggest concern was Eminem lyrics? Back then, Elton John defended Eminem’s art. Now, more leftists from Chelsea Handler and Lena Dunham to random Google feminists feel the need to name, shame, fire, and beat up people who believe differently. The so-called free-speech Leftists are not so hip about freedom or more speech. They are for silencing people who disagree – especially those with less power than them.  Will there be an Elton John around to defend the common man or does the defense of free speech and thought only apply to “artists”?In case you missed it, over the weekend a Googler dude wrote a thoughtful piece that decried the lack of ideological diversity at Google and suggest that, and this is where things went really sideways, men and women are different. He suggested that the company create “psychological safety” for opposing viewpoints so people don’t fear punishment for saying something outside leftist accepted orthodoxy. He was promptly punished.The letter from Google in response reads as follows (please go to the link and read his “screed” first to get context):

Source: Google and Lena Dunham: The New Thought Police | The American Spectator

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Pigeon racing leads to dozens of divorces in Purbalingga 

The Dove, or white pigeon, is a global symbol of love. Women in Purbalingga, Central Java, however, would beg to differ.Pigeons have been blamed for dozens of divorces in the regency.Husbands in Purbalingga are apparently neglecting their wives because they are too busy with their racing pigeons.As a result, dozens of married women have filed divorce petitions because they have become jealous of their husbands’ intimacy with the animal.In July alone, the Purbalingga Religious Court office recorded more than 90 divorce petitions, a jump from only 13 in the previous month.“Most of the petitioners are wives who have filed divorce petitions for economic reasons because their husbands are too addicted to pigeon racing,” a clerk with the court, Nur Aflah, told reporters on Monday.According to her, the wives were annoyed with their husbands’ habit of playing with the birds with their friends and taking care of the birds all day, leaving no time for their families.“In Purbalingga, there are many female workers while most men are unemployed. Most of the husbands end up becoming ‘pilots.’ Here, a ‘pilot’ does not fly a plane but races pigeons,” Nur said.

Source: Pigeon racing leads to dozens of divorces in Purbalingga – The Jakarta Post

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Android users: beware ‘Invisible Man’ malware disguised as Flash

Android users have a new threat to worry about: keylogging malware that masquerades as a bogus Flash update and steals banking data. Needless to say, criminals in possession of your credentials will happily suck your bank accounts dry.SophosLabs detects the malware as Andr/Banker-GUA and is blocking it from customers. Also known as “Invisible Man,” the malware is a variant of Svpeng whose original authors fell foul of Russia’s Ministry of the Interior in 2015.The malware starts by checking your phone’s language settings. If the phone is set to Russian, the malware aborts. If it’s anything else then it proceeds to ask permission to use accessibility services.

Source: Android users: beware ‘Invisible Man’ malware disguised as Flash – Naked Security

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Ghoulish Acts & Dastardly Deeds

On 29 March 1951, shortly after 5 p.m., a hand-grenade-sized pipe bomb exploded in the landmark Grand Central Terminal in New York City. Ordinarily, the detonation of a pipe bomb in a busy commuter terminal at rush hour would be cause for grave public concern, yet the local news media barely acknowledged the event.It had been a hectic news day. In one of the shrillest moments in America’s infamous anti-communism “red scare,” husband and wife Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were both found guilty of conspiracy to commit espionage. News from the ongoing war in Korea dominated the space below the fold. By comparison, the small explosion from the homemade pipe bomb at Grand Central didn’t hurt anyone; it merely startled passers-by and damaged a cigarette urn outside the Oyster Bar. Police dismissed the event as the work of “boys or pranksters.” The New York Times reported the event in the following day’s issue, though only with a three-paragraph brief at the bottom of page 24.About four weeks later, another small bomb exploded inside a phone booth in the basement of the New York Public Library. Again, no one was injured, though the explosion damaged the booth—as well as the composure of a security guard leaning against the booth at the time. The NYPD bomb squad found fragments very similar to the Grand Central device; both were lengths of well-machined pipe with a cap on each end. Inside, a .25 caliber shell detonated a reservoir of explosive gunpowder packed with nuts and bolts. The alleged “boys or pranksters” had evidently reprised their prank—and they were far from finished.

listen the story on link below

Source: Ghoulish Acts & Dastardly Deeds • Damn Interesting

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Geopolitical tensions are designed to distract the public from economic decline

Tracking geopolitical and fiscal developments over the past several years is a bit like watching a slow motion train wreck; you know exactly what the consequences of the events will be, you try to warn people as much as possible, but, ultimately, you cannot reverse the disaster. The disaster has for all intents and purposes already happened. What we are witnessing is the aftermath as a forgone conclusion.This is why whenever someone asks me as an economic and political analyst “when the collapse is going to happen,” I have to shake my head in bewilderment. The “collapse” is here now. It is done. It is a historical fact. It’s just that not many people have the eyes to see it yet, primarily because they are hyper-focused on all the wrong things.For many centuries now, elitists in power have understood the value of geopolitical distraction as a tool for controlling the masses. If you examine the underlying motivations behind the majority of wars between nations regardless of the era, you will in most cases discover that the power brokers on both sides tend to be rather friendly with each other. In fact, monarchies and oligarchies are historically notorious for fabricating diplomatic tensions and conflicts in order to force populations back under their control.

Source: Geopolitical tensions are designed to distract the public from economic decline – Personal Liberty®

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A biomimetic robotic platform to study flight specializations of bats 

AbstractBats have long captured the imaginations of scientists and engineers with their unrivaled agility and maneuvering characteristics, achieved by functionally versatile dynamic wing conformations as well as more than 40 active and passive joints on the wings. Wing flexibility and complex wing kinematics not only bring a unique perspective to research in biology and aerial robotics but also pose substantial technological challenges for robot modeling, design, and control. We have created a fully self-contained, autonomous flying robot that weighs 93 grams, called Bat Bot (B2), to mimic such morphological properties of bat wings. Instead of using a large number of distributed control actuators, we implement highly stretchable silicone-based membrane wings that are controlled at a reduced number of dominant wing joints to best match the morphological characteristics of bat flight. First, the dominant degrees of freedom (DOFs) in the bat flight mechanism are identified and incorporated in B2’s design by means of a series of mechanical constraints. These biologically meaningful DOFs include asynchronous and mediolateral movements of the armwings and dorsoventral movements of the legs. Second, the continuous surface and elastic properties of bat skin under wing morphing are realized by an ultrathin (56 micrometers) membranous skin that covers the skeleton of the morphing wings. We have successfully achieved autonomous flight of B2 using a series of virtual constraints to control the articulated, morphing wings.

Source: A biomimetic robotic platform to study flight specializations of bats | Science Robotics

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Assange Offers Job to Fired Googler, Says ‘Censorship is for Losers’

The Google employee, James Damore, who was sacked by the company on Tuesday for writing a memo with sexist remarks derogatory towards woman’s position in technology and today WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange has offered him a job.SourceThe 10-page long memo titled ‘Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber’ stated that women aren’t underrepresented in tech due to some bias in place but because they aren’t psychologically capable enough like their male counterparts.In a rebuttal to Google’s move to fire Damore, Julian Assange has publically offered the Google engineer a job at Wikileaks stating that ‘Censorship is for losers’ in his tweet and attaching a link to an extract from his book ‘When Google met Wikileaks’.“I’m simply stating that the distribution of preferences and abilities of men and women differ in part due to biological causes and that these differences may explain why we don’t see equal representation of women in tech and leadership,” the Google employee wrote in the letter published in full by Gizmodo.

Source: Assange Offers Job to Fired Googler, Says ‘Censorship is for Losers’

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Jon Snow’s cape in Game of Thrones is actually just an IKEA rug

HBO may well be spending some seriously big bucks on the new season of Game of Thrones (check out the BTS on the latest battle scene if you need convincing), but when it came to Jon Snow’s cape clearly the budget had run dry.Instead of intricately making some historically-correct cape out of wild bison (or whatever they used to use), the costume team just headed down to IKEA and grabbed the closest wooly rug.”These capes are actually IKEA rugs,” said costume designer Michelle Clapton when speaking at the Getty Museum about the men of the Night’s Watch. “We take anything we can; we cut and we shave them and then we added strong leather straps.”

Source: Jon Snow’s cape in Game of Thrones is actually just an IKEA rug | HUH.

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