Google and Lena Dunham: The New Thought Police

Remember when Al Gore and his dippy wife Tipper’s biggest concern was Eminem lyrics? Back then, Elton John defended Eminem’s art. Now, more leftists from Chelsea Handler and Lena Dunham to random Google feminists feel the need to name, shame, fire, and beat up people who believe differently. The so-called free-speech Leftists are not so hip about freedom or more speech. They are for silencing people who disagree – especially those with less power than them.  Will there be an Elton John around to defend the common man or does the defense of free speech and thought only apply to “artists”?In case you missed it, over the weekend a Googler dude wrote a thoughtful piece that decried the lack of ideological diversity at Google and suggest that, and this is where things went really sideways, men and women are different. He suggested that the company create “psychological safety” for opposing viewpoints so people don’t fear punishment for saying something outside leftist accepted orthodoxy. He was promptly punished.The letter from Google in response reads as follows (please go to the link and read his “screed” first to get context):

Source: Google and Lena Dunham: The New Thought Police | The American Spectator

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